Air India has selected IBS Software, a SaaS solution partner for the travel industry, to digitally transform its expanding air cargo operations. Air India will implement IBS Software’s iCargo platform to support its growth plans and commitment to ongoing digital transformation, according to a statement from IBS Software on Tuesday.

Nipan Aggarwal, chief commercial and transformation officer of the Tata Group-owned airline, said, “Air India Cargo is an important part of our growth roadmap with technology. is playing an important role. Air India is on track to reclaim its position as a global transformation leader and lay the foundation for future growth.

How will IBS software benefit Air India?

The airline will be able to digitize its entire cargo management process by implementing the iCrago solution fully integrated with IBS software. The merger will enable Air India to streamline processes and enhance decision-making expertise. This will be possible by managing the billing and sales of multiple cargo operations on one platform.

Sumit Goyal, CEO, IBS Software, commented on the co-participation, saying, “Our marketA digital platform for the air cargo industry Contributes to Air India’s ambitious restructuring goals by strengthening their cargo services.

iCargo Implementation Plan

Initial completion of iCargo is expected to be completed in nine months. As a result, Air India will start reaping immediate benefits from its services. The following steps will add more advanced features and thus help Air India achieve its target of handling ten million air cargoes annually by 2030.

The partnership will play a key role in implementing Air India’s broader plan to improve fleet management, cargo operations, digital transformation, and improve passenger services.

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