CNN is cutting about 100 jobs and plans to launch its first digital subscriptions before the end of the year, aiming to reshape its business model.

In a memo to staff on Wednesday, CEO Mark Thompson disclosed that the layoffs represented a small portion of the total workforce of about 3,500 people, noting that layoffs were to be reduced wherever possible. Ho open roles were closed.

Media organizations, including CNN, have faced challenges in growing audiences and revenue, which has led to efforts to diversify their offerings.

Thompson revealed that CNN’s digital strategy aims to attract the audience and revenue necessary to maintain its journalistic capabilities and business success. The network will develop subscription-ready products that include news, analysis and context in new formats, with a focus on keeping users engaged on the website.

Thompson emphasized the shift toward more video content, reflecting CNN’s strength in video production and reporting.

The organization will also develop lifestyle and feature content, providing new monetization opportunities including sponsorships and direct-to-consumer subscriptions.

Additionally, CNN will explore the use of artificial intelligence to better serve its audience.

Thompson, who previously transformed the New York Times’ digital strategy, took over as CNN chief in October 2023 after predecessor Chris Licht was fired.

In January, Thompson outlined a strategy to modernize the website.

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