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Raza Hassanani, Chairman of the Board-PAIX Data Centers and Head of Infrastructure Investment, Africa50

By Ebenezer Chike Adjei NJOKU

Raza Hassanani, Chairman of the Board of PAIX Data Centers, has said that Ghana’s – and by extension Africa’s – path to prosperity depends on its ability to become a digital-first economy.

He points to powerful technology companies in developed countries as a blueprint for how Africa can achieve significant economic growth through strategic investment in digital infrastructure, just as they have become global powerhouses. And can create a lot of new jobs.

“As technology companies in the developed world have emerged to become the largest and most profitable companies in history, Africa’s growth ambitions are intrinsically linked to a successful transition to a digital-first economy,” he said in an engagement. While announcing the expansion said. PAIX data centers in Accra.

The data bears witness to this. Africa, with an estimated population of 1.46 billion people in 54 countries, saw its gross domestic product surpass US$3 trillion in 2023 for the first time – a feat achieved by consumer technology giant Apple in January 2022. .

For further comparison, the top five companies in the world by market value as of mid-June 2024 were all technology companies – and have been for some time. They had a combined market capitalization of US$14.04 trillion. They were chipmaker NVIDIA (US$3.34 trillion). The aforementioned Apple (US$3.3 trillion); Microsoft (US$3.26 trillion); Google/Alphabet (US$2.18trillion) and Amazon (US$1.96trillion). In contrast, Ghana’s GDP as of March 2024 was GH¢1.05 trillion (US$70 billion).

Data centers, added Mr Hassanani – who doubles as managing director and head of infrastructure at Africa50 – are a key step for the digital transformation agenda. “Data centers have become increasingly important for economic growth and digital transformation… We strongly believe that high-quality, sustainable infrastructure transforms economies and societies,” he explained.

He noted that the expansion of PAIX data centers to 1.2 megawatts (MW) will help create businesses that can thrive in the digital age, leading to increased employment opportunities and economic transformation. Demand for reliable and scalable data centers in Africa is likely to increase dramatically. Currently, the continent has a capacity of 250 MW, which needs to be increased to 1,200 MW by 2030 to meet the growing data consumption. Industry estimates suggest that data consumption will grow by 40% annually by 2025.

The strategic investment in PAIX data centers – amounting to more than US$30 million across the continent – ​​also underscores the commitment to environmental sustainability. The expanded facility improves energy sustainability and efficiency, allowing companies to devote fewer resources to data storage – which can then be reinvested elsewhere. “The increased integration of renewable energy into PAIX’s energy mix and the introduction of efficient cooling technology and waste management systems have further strengthened the company’s sustainability performance,” explained Mr Hassanani.

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Bright Tuya, Managing Director-PAIX Data Centers

The Deputy Minister for Communications and Digitalisation, Charles Acheampong, lauded the move. Describing it as an exemplary effort by the private sector in driving digitalisation.

Managing Director-PAIX Data Centres, Bright Tuya said the development will significantly impact the real economy by reducing data storage costs and creating direct and indirect employment opportunities. “This expansion to 1.2 MW lowers data costs and increases access, accelerates the digitization drive and boosts job creation. It shows that we can provide scalable, safe and secure power to our customers. and take seriously their commitment to providing reliable data center solutions.

“Our upgraded facility boasts state-of-the-art infrastructure and robust security measures, guaranteeing optimal performance and reliability for mission-critical applications and services. I look forward to businesses in Ghana taking advantage of these exciting new opportunities.” to be bold – PAIX is expanding to give you the confidence to take your business to the next level,” he added.

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