Malaysia’s 5G network operator Digital National Berhad (DNB) says it has partnered with e-commerce firm Shopee to help micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) and others on Shopee’s platform. Vendors have to be encouraged to adopt 5G.

Under the partnership, DNB’s five telco investors – Telekom Malaysia, Maxis, U Mobile, YTL and CelcomDigi’s Infranation – will create 5G packages for local sellers on Shopee that will enable them to do HD live-stream marketing through the ‘Shopee Live’ platform. Will make it possible. There are currently about 2 million local sellers on Shopee’s platform in Malaysia.

According to DNB COO Nasution Mohammad, sellers will be able to improve the customer shopping experience with 5G-enabled live streaming.

He said, “The performance and reliability of our 5G network will enable retail MSME sellers to seamlessly engage their audiences through high-definition video streaming, enhancing their customers’ buying experience. she does.”

As an added incentive, sellers who sign up for 5G packages can earn RM110,000 (US$23,289) worth of Shopee Coins, added Shopee Malaysia CMO Tan Ming Kit.

Shopee’s partnership with DNB comes amid a general push by the Malaysian government to encourage businesses of all stripes – but especially MSMEs – to adopt 5G, either through packages with operators. or through private 5G deployments.

According to Digital Minister Gobind Singh Dev, there are currently more than 1.17 million MSMEs in Malaysia, accounting for 97.4 percent of the total number of businesses in the country. He said MSMEs also contribute 38.4 percent to the country’s GDP (RM580 billion) and employ 7.59 million workers.

“The Ministry of Digital was established to advance the government’s vision to enhance economic prosperity through digitization, through collaborative programs with all ecosystem players,” he said. “Partnerships like [DNB and Shopee] Digital is key to adoption, and I expect to see more.”

DNB said that as of April 30, its 5G network covered 81.5 percent of populated areas, and it had signed up 13.2 million 5G service users, which works out to an adoption rate of 39.2 percent.

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