Exodus Movement, a pioneer of self-custodial digital currency wallets, is developing a feature for seamless integration of Exodus Wallet into various applications. This innovative initiative aims to give users the flexibility and convenience they need to jump between platforms when managing their digital currencies.

Announced in July, Exodus is building a new tool that streamlines the use of Web3 and decentralized applications (DApps), building and funding in-app wallets on any platform. This tool eliminates the traditionally complicated steps associated with using Web3 and DApps, making it significantly easier for users to use, regardless of their understanding of cryptocurrency.

The novel tool stands out with its easy setup process. No more need for passphrases, browser extensions or email verification. Exodus CEO, JP Richardson says users can create their own wallet, or ‘Passkey’, with one click and then add it to any application within 10 minutes by installing a few lines of code.

Exodus’ easy digital wallet integration

This initiative is expected to make managing digital currency significantly easier for new users and those without technical background.

The new product has a security feature that uses multiparty computation (MPC) technology, which distributes control over private keys among different parties. The tool also supports self-custody and can set spending limits. It is compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), Bitcoin, and Solana, allowing users to interact with the blockchain ecosystem and a diverse range of DApps.

Exodus has opened a waiting list for this groundbreaking tool, allowing early adopters to register and test the new wallet. The company is inviting anyone interested in its upcoming product release to sign up.

Launched in 2016, Exodus has gained significant recognition for its self-custodial digital currency wallet, a multi-chain wallet compatible with over 50 cryptocurrency networks. The company also went public in 2021, solidifying its position in the digital currency sector and increasing brand awareness.

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