analyticsinsight%2F2024 06%2Fa402496d 339a 4a4f 85d7 5b61e40aa249%2FHCL Launches AI Foundry for GenAI Business Growth

HCL Technologies, one of the largest global technology conglomerates, announced the launch of HCLTech’s Enterprise AI Foundry on June 10, 2024. It aims to accelerate and simplify the enterprise journey with artificial intelligence (AI), specifically generative AI (GenAI).

It takes the form of an integrated suite that brings together data engineering, AI capabilities and knowledge infrastructure. This integrated combination aims to drive GenAI-led changes across various business value chains.

Here’s a quick look at the key features and functions designed around HCLTech’s Enterprise AI Foundry:

Focus on Generative AI: The Foundry’s focus is on GenAI, which represents a branch of AI capable of generating entirely new data, as opposed to traditional AI, which analyzes existing ones. It allows businesses to explore advanced applications, such as content creation, code development, and drug discovery.

Scalability and Portability: It is built for seamless scaling, designed for on-premise implementation, and operates in the cloud. Additionally, Foundry is compatible with popular cloud vendors, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform, meaning it provides flexibility to businesses that have already invested in other clouds.

Development Agility: Foundry removes the heavy lifting of the underlying AI infrastructure, enabling businesses to focus on producing practical results. The development experience within Foundry is streamlined for application teams working on future AI-powered applications.

Data integration and trust: Foundry bridges the gap between enterprise data and AI capabilities. This ensures that enterprise data can be integrated and used in AI systems. At the same time, data is fundamental to trust, security, and resilience—the foundation for confident adoption of AI solutions.

Faster time to value: HCLTech explains that Foundry AI will reduce time to value from investments. Accelerated time-to-value will be enabled through the synergy of HCLTech’s expertise and cutting-edge GenAI technologies.

Thus, HCLTech Enterprise AI Foundry is an all-in-one solution for any business in harnessing the power of generative AI-powered transformation. By removing the complexity of AI infrastructure, ensuring easy integration of data, and providing extreme scalability, Foundry enables businesses to accelerate AI development without reservation and drive new growth directions. Opens.

Expected effect

· HCLTech expects Enterprise AI Foundry to create a new paradigm for businesses looking to capitalize on the promise of generative AI. Some of the effects include:

· Improved Business Process Transformation: The Foundry will accelerate the pace of AI-driven process transformation across various business functions to make them more productive and efficient.

· Next-Gen AI Applications: The Foundry will empower development teams to build next-generation AI applications, driving innovation across industries.

· Bridge the AI ​​Hype-to-Outcome Gap: Foundry will close the gap between AI’s theoretical potential and realistic business outcomes by being very practical and focused on ease of use.

So, enter the HCLTech Enterprise AI Foundry to facilitate HCL and scale the adoption of generative AI for enterprises. The way it starts, it will shape how businesses use AI to drive both growth and innovation.

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