Catchpoint has unveiled its inaugural Internet Resilience Report, which highlights the significant economic impact of Internet outages on businesses.

The report, which surveys the insights of 310 digital business leaders, underscores the importance of a reliable and resilient Internet stack to business success. According to the findings, internet outages can cost companies more than $10 million a month.

The report shows that 97% of companies surveyed consider a resilient Internet stack critical to their success. Additionally, 78% of respondents identified improved customer experience as a primary driver for their resilience programs, while 77% recognized the critical role of third-party technology providers in their Internet resilience strategies. What did Of the respondents, 43% estimated that their losses due to Internet outages or downgrades exceeded USD $1 million per month, with some companies, particularly in critical sectors, incurring costs exceeding USD $10 million per month. is facing

Mehdi Daudi, CEO of Catchpoint, commented on the findings, “Our findings highlight the importance of Internet resilience in our always-on, digital-first world. Businesses need to expand their observational boundaries to include Internet performance monitoring. Beyond application performance monitoring, it’s the best way to proactively address issues affecting operations because it’s the only way to gain real-time insight and ensure high performance, both for reputation and revenue. Can reduce risks.

Pat Charlton, vice president of IT at TMNAS, added, “Internet resiliency should be a critical part of your overall disaster recovery / business continuity program. Ultimately the CIO/CTO is accountable for the digital resiliency of the organization, but it’s only Not technology issues. Resilience and business continuity are actually organizational issues that need to be discussed at the highest levels of the organization and tested as often as possible. Obviously, you don’t duplicate every possible outage But if the past few years have taught us anything, it’s that you need to plan for the unexpected.

The report also found that 40% of respondents cited skills and expertise as a major barrier to implementing Internet Performance Monitoring (IPM). This gap in skills underscores the need for organizations to invest in training and hiring qualified people to support their flexibility strategies.

By providing actionable insights, Catchpoint’s report makes several recommendations for increasing Internet resilience. It advises leaders to incorporate resilience into strategic plans and day-to-day operations, possibly even creating new roles such as chief reliability or chief resilience officers. The report also emphasizes the importance of fostering collaboration between IT and business teams to ensure a focused and constructive response to outages. Additionally, it is recommended to use objective IPM data to set service level objectives (SLOs) to guide actions during incidents and reduce mean time to repair (MTTR). .

The report indicates that the continued reliance on the Internet for business operations makes resilience strategies more important than ever. As the business landscape continues to evolve with a strong digital-first approach, ensuring the resilience of Internet services against outages and performance degradation is essential to maintaining smooth and profitable operations.

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