Network International has announced its partnership with Mastercard to improve the UAE’s overall merchant payments landscape.

Following the announcement, the companies launched new business payment solutions, which offer enhanced and secure business-to-business payment experiences for Network International’s corporate customers in the UAE region. The new program is expected to enable clients to more effectively manage business transactions, receivables and payables and improve overall cash flow.

In addition, Network International and Mastercard will continue to focus on meeting the needs, preferences and demands of customers and consumers in an ever-evolving market, while also prioritizing compliance with industry regulatory requirements and laws. Will keep giving.

Network International has announced its partnership with Mastercard to improve the UAE's overall merchant payments landscape.

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The business payment solutions are expected to enable Network International to leverage MasterCard’s global digital payments expertise, including card capabilities, expense management, and virtual card innovations. This will allow business customers in the UAE to digitize business expenses, streamline the firm’s payments and receivables processes, improve payment solutions and improve cash flow.

The digital commerce landscape in the UAE is changing, with corporate customers looking for new and better ways to grow both payment operations and working capital, accelerating the region’s digital economy ambitions. The new program is expected to provide better visibility and efficiency in trade payment flows, facilitating transactions across a variety of expense categories ranging from day-to-day expenses and supplier payments. are The purpose of this process is to manage travel expenses and other business-to-business (B2B) transactions.

As part of the program, Network International will offer a range of business payment services targeting merchants and general businesses in the region, with a variety of applications and use cases. This includes the Corporate Executive Card that will provide businesses of all sizes with a range of benefits and strong control to manage expenses and Incontrol Digital Business Payments virtual cards that can be used for domestic and cross-border payments that are net Zero foreigner will provide. Transactions in the United Arab Emirates

At the same time, MasterCard’s wholesale program Digital Travel Payments is poised to offer travel industry clients secure, seamless, and automated B2B travel payment transactions. The service was also developed to reduce travel business transaction costs through improved pricing models and efficiency through MasterCard’s virtual card technology.

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