New Delhi: Seven foreign companies and four central government companies were among the more than 15,300 businesses registered in the country in June, data from the Ministry of Corporate Affairs showed.

Foreign businesses registered to start operations here are heavy machinery manufacturers for various industries, construction and earth-moving equipment manufacturers and engineering and testing services providers, while central government companies registered in June include Power are in the transmission business, indicating that the infrastructure sector is attracting new investors.

UK-based Auger Torque Europe Ltd, one of the foreign businesses that have registered to start operations in India, makes earth drills and attachments and is part of Germany’s Kinshofer Group, according to information available from the company’s website. is a manufacturer of attachments for truck cranes and excavators, according to information available from the company’s website.

Kawada Industries Inc. of Japan. Another foreign business registered with the Registrar of Companies (RoC) in June is part of the KTI Kawada Group, which is engaged in infrastructure construction, maintenance and protection and manufacturing humanoid robots, as publicly reported. According to the information available on the Company.

Institut Fuer Oekologie, Technik and Innovation Gmbh, a third company registered in India in June, is engaged in providing testing and certification services for various industries.

Japan’s Tomo Engineering Co Ltd, another foreign company registered in India in June, manufactures machinery, equipment and chemicals.

Bangladesh-based Sonali Bank Plc., a Russian heavy machinery maker and a United Arab Emirates energy company are among the new foreign entities registered for operations in India, official data shows. .

Emails sent to the companies Thursday seeking comment about the story went unanswered at the time of publication.

Engineering services companies and equipment manufacturers are showing increasing interest in doing business in India at a time when the government is pushing for infrastructure construction with increased capital expenditure through central and state budgets. .

Investment in fixed assets such as plant, machinery and buildings by companies, households and the government is above. 58 trillion in FY24, showing an annual growth of about 9 percent, according to the statistics ministry’s provisional estimates.

Experts confirm that there has been a significant increase in foreign companies entering the Indian engineering and construction sector.

“This trend is consistent with the Indian government’s increased focus on infrastructure development, driven by its ambitious capital expenditure plans. These include high-speed rail, airport infrastructure, and advanced construction technologies such as creates a fertile ground for foreign firms specializing in the fields some of them specialize in design engineering services that are critical to these projects,” said Vikash Thakur, a business and professional services company. , explained Entity Setup and Management at Nexdigm.

Thakur said the government’s push for bullet trains, metro projects and industrial corridors offers lucrative opportunities for foreign engineering and construction companies to contribute their expertise. He said India boasts of a large pool of skilled engineers and construction professionals, offering cheap and efficient manpower to foreign firms while the country’s strong economic growth is fueled by high-quality infrastructure. Hoi shows the demand, which makes it an attractive market for foreign players. .

The new central government public sector companies registered in June are in the power transmission business. Bijapur REZ Transmission Limited, Chitradurga Bellary REZ Transmission Limited, Kadamkulam ISTS Transmission Limited and Jam Khambalia Transmission Limited are the four state-owned companies registered in the month just ended.

It was established by PFC Consulting Limited (PFCCL), a branch of Power Finance Corporation Limited (PFC). REZ stands for Renewable Energy Zone and ISTS stands for Interstate Transmission System. According to a stock exchange filing by PFCCL, the special purpose vehicles were built as part of the government’s plan to bid for transmission projects.

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