Dubai: Sumana Developers, a prominent real estate developer in Dubai, has partnered with Oracle to initiate digital transformation. The partnership will empower developers to leverage Oracle’s advanced digital solutions, resulting in increased operational efficiency, better decision-making, and streamlined business processes. Oracle Samana will modernize existing technology infrastructure to transform developers into an innovative prop-tech corporation.

Digitization to increase efficiency by 50 percent

Samana developers will implement Oracle Fusion Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) to automate core functions such as project management, finance, procurement, and human resources. This digitization is expected to increase efficiency by 30-50%, accelerate the integrated business processes of Samana developers and provide better value and better service levels to customers. With this digital transformation, Samana Developers is poised to lead the real estate industry, establishing itself as a forward-thinking and innovative developer committed to good governance and exceptional customer value. Is.

Mr. Imran Farooq, Chief Executive Officer, Samana Developers, said: “Today marks the beginning of our journey towards digital growth and transformation. Partnering with one of the world’s largest cloud-based solution providers will take Samana Developers to new heights.” Oracle Fusion ERP in our real estate operations, Sumana Developers will transform into a prop-tech company. Adoption of Oracle Fusion ERP will play an important role in our digital transformation.”

Adopting good governance

He added, “This digital transformation initiative underscores our commitment to excellence in good governance, innovation and project management. It reinforces our commitment to timeliness and consistency. Through the merger, we aim to provide maximum value to our investors and stakeholders, consolidating our position as one of Dubai’s fastest growing, leading and innovative real estate developers. have been.”

Oracle Fusion ERP offers a unified platform for seamless integration of various business functions. By consolidating disparate systems into an integrated platform, Samana Developers expects better data visibility, improved decision-making capabilities, and increased operational agility. Mr. Ramana UVV, CEO, Oracle Partner, Shahgrun commented, “We are witnessing a significant increase in technology adoption in the real estate industry. This shows that developers in Dubai are at par with developers in New York, London, And Hong Kong is happy to witness the upward momentum of Simana developers with the implementation of digital transformation.”

Samana Developers’ digital transformation will unfold in phases over the next two to three years. The initial phase will focus on establishing digital infrastructure, integrating core technologies, and launching customer and broker portals. Later phases will introduce more advanced technology, including the deployment of robots and humanoids.

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