The commerce ministry is working on a web platform for exporters to register complaints about non-tariff barriers they face and seek government intervention to remove them, a senior official said.

Apart from the web portal, a cell is being set up in the Department of Commerce to deal with Non-Tariff Barriers which will collate all complaints and then take them up in discussion or interaction with the concerned authorities if required. Countries that impose these barriers.

“We are building a portal so that we can prioritize all NTBs. Traders will register their complaints and the ministry will follow up. Cases where disruptions are affecting a large volume of goods trade, redressal And priority will be given for action,” the official added.

Most non-tariff measures (NTMs) are domestic laws enacted by countries that aim to protect human, animal or plant health. and environment. NTM may be technical measures such as regulations, standards, testing, certification, pre-shipment inspection or non-technical measures such as quotas, import licensing, subsidies, government procurement restrictions.

When NTMs become arbitrary, beyond scientific justification, they create barriers to trade and are called NTBs (non-tariff barriers).

Non-tariff barriers have been identified as one of the main factors coming in India’s way. Realizing the full potential of free trade agreements with countries like Japan, Korea and members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. Other countries where NTBs are encountered are the US, EU countries and even Saudi Arabia.

EU products such as chillies, tea, basmati, beef, fish and chemical products are the targets of these barriers. Sesame seeds, shrimp, medicine, apparel in Japan, food, meat, fish, dairy and industrial products in China, US fruit and shrimp are among the products that see the application of non-tariff barriers, according to Global Trade’s analysis. Research Organization (GTRI). “India’s exports are well below potential as most producers face non-tariff barriers in the EU, US, China, Japan and Korea,” it said.

According to the trade policy think tank, India should engage with partner countries and be prepared to retaliate if unreasonable standards or regulations continue to hamper imports from India.

Non-tariff barriers are a major challenge to India’s export performance. India needs to take swift action on non-tariff barriers to achieve the trillion dollar merchandise export target,” GTRI said.

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