The Qatar-Poland New Tech Forum marks an important milestone in the evolution of relations between the State of Qatar and the Republic of Poland and is exploring available trade and investment opportunities, as well as promoting these opportunities. Finding the best way. Technical field to establish an iron-clad partnership between the two countries. Hosted by the Qatari Polish Business Council (QPBC), the forum looks forward to advancing bilateral relations over the past four years, focusing on exploring opportunities and lending new impetus. Security and defense solutions as well as areas of joint cooperation, particularly in the areas of energy, aviation and digital technology. Given the prosperous relations between Qatar and Poland, His Highness the Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani is about to pay an official. A visit to the Republic of Poland next week to strengthen the bilateral relations between the two countries and in areas of wide cooperation in addition to key regional and global issues of common concern. This will promote cooperation between the two countries, fulfill their common interests and open up new possibilities for cooperation and coordination. According to data from Qatar’s National Planning Council (NPC), trade volume between the two countries is expected to reach nearly QR4.8bn in 2023. Qatar’s total exports to Poland reached QR3.9bn, Qatar’s total imports from Poland reached QR897mn and the trade surplus reached nearly QR3bn in 2023. According to NPCs data, Qatar News Agency (QNA) exports to Poland were mainly natural gas and other gaseous hydrocarbons, with a total value of QR3.892bn, in addition to various other exports such as ethylene polymer et al. Basic forms, mainly self-contained digital processing units, memory storage units, and other types of imports, with Qatar’s imports from Poland. After the conclusion of four successful editions in 2023, the Qatar-Poland New Tech Forum strengthened bilateral relations and joint action, as the organizers of the forum aspire to positively stimulate the technology sector by forging new partnerships. Qatari businessmen and their prominent Polish counterparts in the sector. Over the years, the forum has continued to host a host of speakers and decision-makers to explore future opportunities and possibilities between the two countries to leverage and strengthen the role of modern technology. Trade and investment exchanges. The event resulted in the signing of Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) between the two countries, the most important of which was between the Qatar Financial Center (QFC) and the Digital Poland Foundation to strengthen bilateral cooperation in the digital sector and to create new The MoU was about accelerating the pace of innovation in digital technologies. A fundamental step towards long-term cooperation with Polish foundations. According to the MoU, the two parties will cooperate in a wide range of initiatives, such as holding webinars, organizing networking events, organizing direct business meetings between companies, and other initiatives aimed at promotion. Digital activities and supporting digital business ecosystems in both countries. And this includes introducing relevant business opportunities, sharing information in the digital field, promoting technology companies, as well as joint events through social media platforms and digital channels. The new edition of the forum is likely to further promote bilateral partnerships in technology and other sectors. Where the markets of both countries provide numerous opportunities. Additionally, the forum has succeeded in highlighting the technology sector, a driver for economic growth in the present era and a key pillar in strengthening multiple systems, be it digital transformation, fintech, or Qatar National. Through e-trade accordingly. Vision 2030. The forum is a new opportunity to improve the existing bilateral cooperation framework for promoting investment in promising sectors like communication and IT in both countries. It facilitates the promotion of trade and investment between the two parties. The objective of QPBC is mainly to strengthen financial, trade and cultural relations between Qatar and Poland. Furthermore, the QPBC serves as a primary and unifying platform for bilateral trade interests between Qatar and various EU countries and promotes mutual understanding and relationships. It was officially launched on November 9, 2020, to increase trade and investment between the two countries. The key objective of the QPBCs was to become a unified platform for supporting Qatari investment in Poland and European-Polish investment in Qatar. To promote bilateral trade, scientific and corporate cooperation. And its purpose was to cooperate and follow up on common interests, as well as to provide information about the business environment in Qatar and Poland.

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