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Portal Jabar, Bandung City – Good news comes for creative economy players in the gaming industry sub-sector.

The West Java Tourism and Culture Office officially launched the TSA Gamefest program together with the Human Resource Development Agency of the Indonesian Ministry of Communications and Information, Digital Talent Scholarship Talent Scouting Academy (DTS TSA) and Agate Academy.

TSA Game Fest, launched on Saturday (29/6/2024), is a program implemented under the guidance of Agate Academy, one of the largest game studios in West Java.

The program is a series of talent scouting academy in the form of training programs and competitions to help develop new talent in the national gaming industry.

This activity was organized to increase the human resources according to the needs of the gaming industry.

The launching procession took place at the Creative Arts Public Room of the West Java Disrupted Office, with workshop activities as well as expert speakers with the theme ‘Game Industry Talks’, namely Chris Antony as CEO Togay Productions, and Banu Andru Andhimuka as CEO. . of Ikan Asin Productions.

Present at the inauguration were Plh. Indonesian Ministry of Communications and Information Professional Development and Certificates Center Head, Ani Triana, and West Java Tourism and Culture Department Head, Benny Bakhtiar, who were represented by Respega as Head of the Tourism Industry Division, As well as a number of game industry players from West Java.

Annie Triana said, “This program is aimed at students who we provide additional knowledge and skills. We hope that through this activity, many young talents in West Java will develop their ideas into real games. There will be opportunity,” Annie Triana said.

Moreover, it is believed that the gaming industry could become an important sub-sector in West Java. Therefore, it is hoped that this activity will provide opportunities to the young generation to innovate and hone their skills.

“We express our appreciation for the support of this activity. The West Java Provincial Government welcomes the implementation of this activity, as our joint effort to provide even better development opportunities for creative economy actors. .Creative economy with 17 subsectors, including the gaming industry, so “because of that, we see this collaboration and innovation as very important,” Raspega said.

“The TSA Gamefest program can fulfill what we have been running so far. There is a lot of potential in applications and games. Thank God West Java contributes 26 percent to the creative economy but these games The industry is still very low, at 0.06 percent. The hope is that sports can contribute even more.”

The TSA GameFest program combines several activities. The first is the Game Jam session (July 12-21, 2024) where 40 teams will compete to create game demos.

In the second phase, 20 selected teams will participate in training with mentors (August 5-30, 2024).

After that, the 10 selected teams will polish the game, i.e. carry out the process of improving the games created (September 9-20, 2024).

The final stage is an offline game showcase where 10 teams will showcase their work to the public (28-29 September 2024).

Later, the jury will select the best team and go through the preliminary stage. The winner of the contest is entitled to a total prize of IDR 30 million.

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