IntelliAM AI, the Sheffield-based software business that harnesses the power of AI and machine learning in the manufacturing industry, has secured six-figure backing.

It has been confirmed. A subsidiary has been named “Lighthouse for AI” and has been awarded a Digital Innovation Fund (DIF) Lighthouse Funding Award of around £263,000 for a research project completed during the company’s current financial year.

A grant for research into the application of AI in lubricant analysis has been awarded by the Smart Manufacturing Data Hub, funded by Innovate UK.

IntelliAM AI has access to over 180 manufacturing sites in the UK and lubrication analysis results for thousands of components over the last 10 years. Slippage is one of the key drivers of manufacturing downtime.

Using existing data from IntelliAM, and new data to be collected during the project, a Machine Learning Model (MLM) will be built to advise OEMs and SMEs on best practice lubrication for their components.

Software will be created that allows component information to be entered and MLM will then automatically create grease and oil lubrication schedules.

Software will also be developed that schedules on-condition lubrication based on bearing conditions.

Also, one An oil analysis result checker will be built in, so organizations can upload individual oil analysis results and compare them to IntelliAM AI’s 10-year history. anyone Problems will be highlighted and advice on action will be given.

IntelliAM AI explained: “This project will help manufacturers reduce machine downtime on equipment and build resilience against the shortage of engineering skills we currently have in the UK.

“Durability will be improved as the oil will be changed only when needed.

“This project will impact the company on three fronts, namely improved internal productivity, new machine learning access to SMEs and commercial products to increase sales.”

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