According to data provided by The Tie, a certain measure of sentiment around Solana recently fell to its lowest value of the year.

Long-term sentiment for a cryptocurrency, which is measured by how much positive (or negative) conversation has occurred on X (formerly Twitter) over the past 50 days and then compared to posts over the past 200 days. done, fell to 64.75 today, data provided by Ty.

The image below illustrates this recent decline:

At that point, the digital asset’s long-term sentiment had fallen to its lowest value since Dec. 22, 2023, Sacha Ghabli, SVP of strategy, said via email.

Solana’s long-term sentiment actually fell over the weekend to 2024, when it reached 65.8 on Saturday, July 6.

The following chart illustrates these movements:

The long-term sentiment gauge has since declined further, falling below a reading of 65 today.

The recent weakness in market participants’ attitudes toward this digital currency may be in line with a broader trend, as additional data from The Tie suggests that long-term sentiment has been gradually declining since around March 24.

The following chart illustrates the above trend:

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