In the Indian restaurant industry, there has been a marked increase in the number of women working in leadership positions in cafes, restaurants and kitchens, showcasing their expertise and managerial skills in the kitchen. Recently, a similar incident has gained attention. A woman from Theni district of Tamil Nadu is currently garnering attention for launching a startup business.

According to reports, a woman named Hema, who hails from Bharatpur area of ​​Theni district, prepares and sells various powders from small grains, including nutrition mix, rye malt, and malted barley.

She has completed her bachelor’s degree, but she always dreams of doing something of her own. So he along with his mother thought that they should start their own business and become entrepreneurs. He wanted to create food products that would reach people in an innovative way.

He has learned preparation of nutrients from pulses and micro-grains at the Central Agricultural Science Training Centre. There, he learned the practice of making value-added products from small grains. Hema now manufactures and sells instant co-nutrition mix and nutrition powder from small grains.

This dietary supplement is made from a variety of grains, including black wheat, red rice, rye, and peanuts. Apart from this, she also excels in making milk powder from small grains. They are producing 3 to 5 kg per day.

In a recent media interaction, Hema said that she is now planning to expand her business and start a large-scale manufacturing company and also plans to sell the products online.

According to reports covering the past two years, women are more likely than men to start businesses.


Earlier, similar news came to light when a woman named Priya Sharma, owner of Bonfire Pizza in Rishikesh, mentioned a remarkable increase in monthly production after the expert help of Swiggy’s account managers.

In an interview, he shared, “When I started my online venture, we were only making 30 pizzas a month, and I considered quitting. That’s when Swiggy’s account managers came to the rescue.” With their expert strategies, we started making 300 pizzas a month. Swiggy’s support renewed my confidence, and I am now eager to explore further opportunities for expansion.”

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    First Publication: 06 July 2024, 12:36 IST

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