The Uttar Pradesh government has amended building construction rules to facilitate the hotel industry in the state, keeping in mind the large number of tourists it has seen over the years.

The CM Yogi Udayanath-led UP government has made changes in the Building Construction and Development Bylaws of 2008 to facilitate the opening of small hotels in the state.

According to a government order, a building must have at least six rooms to qualify as a hotel, and there will no longer be a minimum land requirement to open hotels with six to 20 rooms — provided the hotel has its Complying. bylaws. The land required for the construction of large hotels has been halved.

Plot size requirement reduced.
Earlier, a minimum plot of 1000 square meters was required for hotels with more than 20 rooms, which has now been reduced to 500 square meters.

Meanwhile, the decree has banned the construction of hotels on residential plots in the colonies, which have been developed under a plan.

After these amendments, hotels of up to 20 rooms can now be built on 9-meter wide roads in residential areas, while 12-meter wide roads will be required for larger hotels.

In all non-residential areas hotels can be built only on 12 meter wide roads. Additionally, the hotel owner is required to allocate 1.5 equivalent car spaces for every 100 square meters of built-up area along with circulation area norms.

A government order issued with amendments to the Building Construction and Development Bye-laws has specified the need to leave front and back space for hotel construction.

Buildings with a height of 15 meters will have to leave a space of five meters at the front and three meters at the back, with a space of three meters on either side. For building above 15 meters, existing by-laws for setback and ground coverage shall apply.

‘There is no restriction on the height of buildings’

There will be no restriction on building height within permissible ground coverage and floor area ratio (FAR), but building height will depend on distance from protected monuments/heritage sites, airport funnel zone and other statutory restrictions. .

For large hotels built on an area of ​​4,000 square meters or more, 20% of the FAR can be used for commercial and office purposes, while 20% can be used for service apartments. In these large hotels, 5% of the additional ground coverage area may be allocated for the entrance lobby, which will not be included in the calculation of FAR.

After the construction of the Ram Temple in Ayodhya and the Kashi Vishwanath Corridor in Varanasi, the number of tourists visiting Uttar Pradesh has increased manifold.

With the completion of several projects like the Vindhya Corridor in Mirzapur and the Banke Behari Corridor in Mathura, the state government expects a large number of tourists, keeping these measures in mind.

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