According to a new research study by Windstream Enterprises, the top three barriers organizations face when it comes to digital transformation are a lack of quality data, IT capacity and technical expertise.

A study conducted by Forrester Consulting shows that partnering with IT managed services can help organizations achieve their digital transformation initiatives.

Of the 614 U.S. IT, finance, operations and security leaders surveyed for the study, nearly two-thirds reported that IT-related disruptions have stalled their digital transformation plans, and more than half of organizations have a shortage of IT staff and experience needed to support their digital transformation.

“The consequences of slow digital transformation can be dire, resulting in increased security breaches, reduced growth and revenue, decreased operational efficiency, lower customer expectations,” said Mike Flannery, president of Windstream, in a press release. Failure to meet, and more can happen. Fortunately, by partnering with a managed services provider, businesses with lean IT staffs can specialize in areas such as cybersecurity and network reliability. Gain access to a full bench of skilled resources—freeing up internal resources to focus on big-picture strategic projects that allow them to achieve better business results and serve customers with superior experiences to do.”

The study also explored the benefits of partnering with IT managed services, with the majority of respondents reporting that managed infrastructure, cloud infrastructure, managed support, and managed security services effectively facilitated the achievement of business goals. provided.

The full study can be found here.

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