Wipro’s Chief Operating Officer Sanjeev Jain told FE that IT services major Wipro has successfully completed over 2,000 client proofs of concept (POCs) in artificial intelligence (AI), with another 300 in the pipeline. are ongoing.

“Wipro has made significant progress in identifying potential applications in all the areas we engage with,” he said. “These achievements span a variety of outcomes, including improved healthcare outcomes, improved contact center efficiency, increased productivity for financial advisors, content creation, engineering document summarization, and more,” he added. There’s something involved.”

Jain was appointed Wipro’s new COO in May after his predecessor Amit Chaudhary resigned. Jain joined the IT company in 2023 as Global Head of Business Operations.

AI initiatives at Wipro It has not only streamlined its client services but also streamlined its operations internally. Jain said the company has grown its AI use cases by 65 percent, proof-of-concepts (POCs) by 140 percent, and mounted industrySpecific AI-led solutions by 40%.

“We have high-impact use cases around supply and demand forecasting, bench optimization, just-in-time fulfillment, etc.,” said Jain… mobility, and optimizing its entire workforce,” he said. added.

Additionally, the Bangalore-headquartered company is using AI in the human resource department to improve hiring outcomes and verify candidates’ backgrounds.

“In the sales domain, the pre-sales process has been significantly enhanced, leading to faster deal closure and increased client satisfaction. Moreover, our marketing The division has experienced increased productivity for content creation, thereby enhancing our marketing strategies,” said Jain.

Talent space

When asked if the development of AI will affect existing jobs., Jain said AI will work hand in hand with humans, which will not only lead to business growth but also allow employees to focus on strategic initiatives. He added that Wipro is embracing the emerging talent market space by creating new positions such as “Prompt Engineer and AI Practitioner”.

“The talent marketplace is evolving rapidly due to changes in skill requirements, with general AI increasing productivity across sectors… AI will work alongside humans, driving business growth. and allow employees to focus on strategic initiatives. Future professionals will need to develop strong business, domain and leadership skills to succeed in this AI-driven landscape,” said Jain. .

Priorities of the new COO

Jain emphasized that his focus will be on improving the company’s performance through margin expansion and revenue growth, while managing business continuity and strengthening risk and compliance, and democratizing careers. And will continue to invest in enabling role rotation.

On the innovation front, Jain said the company is investing in AI through the ai360 initiative, which includes a $1 billion investment to integrate AI into every tool and solution the company offers. Wipro is also expanding its AI capabilities with new developments at its R&D arm, Lab45, and by revamping its workforce for the AI-driven era.

Jain also focused on improving delivery management, leveraging AI for analytics, and improving customer satisfaction through client-focused initiatives. Regarding talent development, he noted that Wipro has trained more than 225,000 employees on the fundamentals of AI, while more than 30,000 employees have been trained on more advanced levels of AI.

First published: 06-06-2024 at 05:50 IST

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