IT Minister Ashwini Vishnu on Wednesday said the world must collectively come up with ways to deal with threats posed by artificial intelligence (AI) and the limits imposed on the new-age technology to prevent consumer harm. Need to find out.

“We have seen how dangerous misinformation, disinformation and fake news can be. The power of AI multiplies the danger,” Vishnu said.

“This is not something that we are experiencing alone. The whole world is facing this,” Vishnu said, adding that the solution to contain the threats will have to come through a global thought process.

Vishnu’s comments matter as India. Looking for ways to regulate AI, which shouldn’t stifle innovation. The government is currently on a wait-and-see mode. To begin with, it can amend IT laws for responsible use of AI. “AI can be a great tool to solve problems. Also, we need to control the risks,” added Vishnu.

Globally, the EU and the US have passed the AI ​​Act and Executive Order respectively to limit the risks posed by AI systems.

Apart from regulations, in an effort to harness the potential of AI, the government has also launched the Rs 10,000 crore India AI Mission to help startups. and researchers with compute infrastructure.

Vishnu said that the ground work on India AI Mission has started and it will take 2-3 months for the government to launch the program. The mission consists of seven pillars, including AI compute foundation models, datasets, platforms, AI applications, scaling startups and frameworks for safe and reliable AI.

“We will acquire 10,000 or more graphics processing units (GPUs) under a public-private partnership to improve industry efficiency. can be used for a greater purpose,” Vishnu said.

“We will have an AI innovation center and high-quality datasets to further value the efforts of startups, and an application development initiative where apps relevant to our socio-economic issues will be developed,” he added. can”.

The government will soon invite expression of interest from companies that are providing compute infrastructure for procurement of GPUs. The government will follow a 50% viability gap funding model to support startups looking to use these companies’ GPUs.

“In our view, towards harnessing the potential of AI. The thought process is to democratize the technology.Vishnu said.

“Technology should be accessible to everyone. We all know that technology is becoming very expensive. In many geographies, the trend is that it becomes confined to the hands of a few – even if it is called Big Tech. Jai or the government,” Vishnu said.

The India AI Mission was approved earlier this year by the erstwhile Union Cabinet before the Lok Sabha. Elections

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