Rahul Dravid has confirmed that T20 World Cup 2024 will be his last assignment as India head coach as he will not apply for the post again. It was widely expected, but this was the first official confirmation that India will get a new coach in July.

Dravid confirmed this when asked if this World Cup meant more to him. Dravid said that every tournament is important. “Every game that I have coached for India has been very important to me. For me this is no different just because this is going to be the last match that I am in charge of, I love to work. I’ve really enjoyed coaching India, and I think it’s a really special job that I’ve really enjoyed working with this team, and a great group of guys to work with. There is a group.

“Unfortunately, just with the kind of schedules (that exist in international cricket) and where I find myself at this stage in my life, I don’t think I can apply again. Having said that, it’s not like that. “To be quite honest I don’t see it as anything particularly different or important since the day I took over. I’ve always felt that every game is important, and that won’t change.”

As a player, Dravid played in the World Cup final in 2003, but although he enjoyed an illustrious career and was part of the No. 1 Test team, he was never hailed as a world champion. As a coach, he came close to it on three occasions in all three formats. This will be his last chance to be a part of the world champion team. Druid, though, can step back and look at the bigger picture.

“Quite honestly, I think we’ve played really well in these World Cup tournaments,” Dravid said. “In terms of our consistency, we have been very consistent. In the first semi-final, in the T21 in Australia (in 2022). The World Test Championship is a bit different in that it is not a tournament, But it’s a complete cycle, but playing very well to get to the final there again (in 2023) where we had a very good run and went to the final (in 2023) consistency, in terms of the quality of cricket that we played. Having played in these big tournaments, I think we are up there with some of the best teams.

“We can’t say we haven’t played good cricket in these tournaments. Yes, we might not have crossed the line in that one knockout game. The (2023 ODI) final in Ahmedabad or the (WTC) final) at The Oval. And then in the T20 semi-final in Adelaide, we might not have been able to execute in that final stage.

“Hopefully we’ll play good cricket to get ourselves back into those positions. Then maybe play good cricket on the day to get over the line. But when you start this tournament, that’s not the important thing. To think about it. To actually think about it. I think sometimes it’s hard to find those positions where you have to be as a group and as a whole team. Can do. The goal will be to try and put ourselves in a position again where we can give ourselves a chance to win the tournament.”

If you are an Indian cricket team, unfortunately that is not enough. It comes with the territory of the most followed cricket team in the world. Dravid said he will need to focus on his decision-making more than expectations to get past the knockout barrier.

“Being able to read and understand situations that will be different in different places,” Dravid said. “It’s our ability to use our experience. It’s our ability to work in the middle. It’s our ability to make the right decisions whether with the bat or with the ball in those critical moments, which will be the deciding factor.” “We will focus on that. Instead of worrying about expectations, it’s great that people are rating our team so well because it means we’re playing good cricket.” And we have a good squad.”

Siddharth Monga is a senior writer for ESPNcricinfo.

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