PM Modi made two-day visit to Moscow on July 8 and 9 (File)

New Delhi:

Russian Foreign Minister Roman Babushkin on Wednesday said the results of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s two-day visit to Moscow and his summit with President Vladimir Putin would be “historic and game-changing” given the current turbulent geopolitical environment. were

The Russian diplomat said that the focus of the discussion between the two leaders was on expanding India-Russia trade and economic ties.

In his first trip since the launch of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, PM Modi made a two-day visit to Moscow on July 8 and 9 during which he held a summit with Putin.

“The leaders have decided to strengthen cooperation in all sectors. This is a historic and game-changing move, especially given the turbulent environment around us,” Mr Babushkin said at a media briefing.

“It got unprecedented coverage and probably overshadowed all the other events. It seemed like the whole world was watching,” he said.

Mr. Babushkin also criticized the US for making some comments before PM Modi’s visit to Moscow and termed these remarks as interference in the relations between the two countries.

“This was the behavior of two independent world powers based on mutual trust and respect. External factors do not play much role when it comes to Russia-India relations,” he said.

He said that India and Russia have established fundamental synergies in key areas of our cooperation.

The senior diplomat said the two sides vowed to increase cooperation in key areas including fossil fuels, nuclear energy and trade.

Highlighting the key outcomes of the summit talks, Babushkin said India and Russia decided to go ahead with a bilateral payment system using national currencies.

“If you see, one of the most important points of the joint statement was that we have decided to go ahead with the establishment of a payment system under the national currency settlement framework,” he said.

In the PM Modi-Putin talks, both sides set a target of USD 100 billion in annual trade volume by 2030 and vowed to develop a robust bilateral payment settlement mechanism using national currencies.

On India’s demand from Russia to ensure the return of Indians serving in the Russian army, he said, “We are on the same page with India on this issue.” We hope it will be resolved soon, he said when Indians return home.

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