Florida, where Trump lives, makes it notoriously difficult for convicted felons to vote.


Donald Trump is now a criminal.

What this means for the rights of the former US president – the first convicted of a crime – as he seeks to retake the White House in November:

– Presidential Bid –

Trump is expected to receive the Republican presidential nomination at the party’s convention in Milwaukee, which begins just four days after his July 11 sentencing in New York of his 34 felony convictions.

The Constitution only requires that the president be a natural born US citizen, be at least 35 years old and have been a resident of the country for 14 years.

Even if Trump, 77, is sentenced to prison — a first-time conviction — he would be eligible to serve as president.

Judge Joan Murchin could potentially sentence Trump to probation or house arrest, reducing his ability to campaign against his expected opponent in November, Democrat Joe Biden.

– vote –

Florida, where Trump lives, makes it notoriously difficult for convicted felons to vote.

But because Trump was convicted in New York, not Florida, he should retain his right to vote in November.

Under Florida law, a person is ineligible to vote in the Sunshine State if a felony conviction disqualifies them from voting in the state where they were convicted.

New York only prohibits convicted felons from voting while they are actually behind bars.

– forgive me –

Trump, if he wins the presidency again, will not be able to recuse himself in the New York case because it was brought by state and not federal officials.

Only the governor of New York could clear his name.

Trump also faces federal and state charges of conspiring to overturn the results of the 2020 election, won by Biden, and of collecting classified documents after he left the White House.

But these cases are unlikely to be heard before the November elections.

– guns –

Convicted felons are not allowed to own or purchase firearms under federal law, although they can apply to have their gun rights reinstated in New York.

Trump, a staunch supporter of gun rights and the National Rifle Association’s favorite candidate, has previously said he owns a handgun and has a concealed-carry license.

– Travel –

Dozens of countries around the world bar entry to convicted felons, including U.S. neighbor Canada, but it’s unclear whether such a ban would apply to a leading White House candidate — whether Nov. I will win Trump — President of the United States.

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