Britain’s Labor Party chief Keir Starmer has emerged victorious from his home seat in London as he moves closer to succeeding Rishi Shankar as prime minister.

Mr Starmer vowed to serve everyone in the constituency after winning Holborn and St Pancras with 18,884 votes in the early hours of the morning.

Exit polls predicted a victory for Labor after Thursday’s election, which saw it beat the Conservatives led by Sink. However, such estimates are often wrong.

In his first remarks since his morning victory, Starmer thanked his voters and said it was a “huge honour” to be re-elected for Holborn and St Pancras. “You’ve voted. Now it’s time for us to deliver,” the BBC quoted him as saying.

He said that the heart of Britain’s democracy does not beat in Westminster or Whitehall, but in town halls, community centers and in the hands of the people who have a vote. “Change starts with people in this community coming together to make life better,” the Labor leader added.

He said he would work for everyone in his constituency, regardless of who voted for him. “I will speak for you, have your back, fight your corner every single day,” he said.

People are ready for change and change starts here because this is your democracy, your community, your future, he told his voters.

Yesterday’s election vote count put Labor on 133 seats to the Conservatives’ 19, figures as of 8:15 am showed.


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