His lawyer, Dhu Thompson, said his client denies the allegations.

A married television anchor in Louisiana resigned after he was caught having sex with what he thought was a 15-year-old girl. According toThe New York PostThe case came to light after 59-year-old Bill Lynn arranged to meet the suspected underage girl at his home on May 29 for lunch. The ‘predators’ who were conducting the pedophile sting operation.

The anchor called the police and claimed that the men were there to kill him and tried to steal his car. However, the group waited and told responding officers their side of the story, and provided evidence to back up their claims.

One of the men revealed they had created a fake profile on the dating app Meet Me and had been posing as ‘catfish’ to local men as teenagers for several weeks seeking underage girls for sex. They were trying to meet. The three said Mr. Lun began talking to the young suspect on May 28, having arranged to meet the night before.

”They were having a little conversation, and he asked how old she was. The girl told him that she was 15 years old. He was like sending her pictures. He was saying he wanted to do this to her. Obvious things I can’t say on camera,” Antonio Coleman, one of the “Hunters,” told NBC 6.

When the trio told him that he had been exposed, the anchor allegedly tried to run away.

“As Bill was running away, he yelled, ‘I’ve got a wife and kids I’m sitting there while he’s running away, like in my head,’ how can you say that when you meet somebody at home?” Expecting to go under?” said another member of the group, Catorio Grigsby.

Notably, Mr. Lun began working at KTSB in 2019 and was promoted to news director last August, according to his LinkedIn profile. He served as news director and top on-air personality at KTBS in Shreveport.

His lawyer, Dhu Thompson, told The Post that his client denies the allegations.

“It is our initial understanding that this incident was not the result of a law enforcement investigation, but was carried out by private individuals. Our primary concern at this time is for law enforcement to receive all the evidence related to this incident so that they can conduct a full and complete review. Mr. Lin has cooperated with authorities and has vehemently denied any allegations of wrongdoing. “We hope that after a thorough review of all the evidence in this case that Mr. Lin will be found innocent and clear of all charges,” the attorneys said in a statement.

The TV station launched an internal investigation soon after the allegations came to light, after which he resigned on Monday.

No charges have been filed in the incident as of Wednesday.

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