A complaint has been filed with the health department.

In a shocking incident, a family from Perth, Australia was served pesticide as juice at a restaurant. Marcus and Michelle Lemon ordered cranberry juice for their daughters at Mickey’s Italian restaurant on June 28. The New York Post. The incident is now being investigated by the Health Department officials.

However, Hanna and Olivia, aged 11 and 12, panicked and spat out the drink. Michelle Lemon said, “My daughters just went to sip it and they both spat out the cranberry juice and said, ‘That’s poison.’ And then spit it out.”

Now, distraught parents claim they were given a pink mixture of lamp oil and citronella torches. Marcus Lemon sniffed the liquid and demanded to see the bottle it came from. Employees initially refused, saying it was just “old cranberry juice,” he said.

However, he eventually found a bottle in the fridge. The man said he was given an insecticide with citronella from the drinks refrigerator. According to the report, the bottle was labeled “plus bifenthrin” and included a warning. “The manager didn’t want to give my husband a bottle, and another waiter stood up and told everyone everything was fine,” Michelle said.

The family was taken to hospital where they were found to have several symptoms and were kept under observation for six hours. The mother continued, “My daughters … stomachs were burning, their fingers and hands were burning. They had headaches … it was terrible.”

Twelve-year-old Hina said 9 News that it was “really disgusting, and how you’d expect insect repellent to taste”. “It felt like someone had put fire in your stomach and it felt like you had pins and needles in your arms and legs,” Olivia added.

Complaints have been lodged with the Department of Health and the local council. The restaurant said it was investigating the incident. A staff member told 9 News the situation was “extremely worrying”. “All the investigations are going on, and when I know exactly (what happened), I will let you know,” he said.

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