Navindu Mishra secured 21,787 votes out of the votes cast.


The landslide victory of the Labor Party candidate in the UK general election sparked celebrations thousands of kilometers away in Uttar Pradesh’s Kanpur and Gorakhpur.

Navindu Mishra, elected to the House of Commons for the second consecutive term from the Stockport constituency, was born in Kanpur in 1989. His mother’s ancestral home is in Gorakhpur.

Mr. Mishra’s uncle Nilandar Pandey, a social activist and businessman who now lives in Lucknow, told PTI that some people in Gorakhpur, Lucknow and Kanpur celebrated his victory by distributing sweets and bursting firecrackers.

Mr Pandey said Mr Mishra moved to Britain with his parents when he was four years old. His father was the marketing manager of Indian Petrochemical Corporation Limited and moved to the UK after taking charge of a British company.

Mr Mishra grew up in the UK with his brother and a sister.

He entered politics after completing his studies in London and was elected to the House of Commons on the Labor Party ticket from Stockport in the 2019 election.

It is an honor to be officially nominated as the Labor candidate for the Stockport constituency.

Since 2019, I have always put the priorities of local residents first. If re-elected I will continue to work hard for Burnington, Edgeley, Davenport, The Hattons and Reddish.

— Navindu Mishra (@NavPMishra) June 5, 2024

Mr. Pandey said that Mr. Mishra entered politics through the trade union movement.

Mr. Mishra is very close to him, Mr. Pandey said, adding that his nephew called him to seek his blessings after winning the election.

“He (Mishra) loves coming to India. He is always keen to do something for his country,” Mr Pandey said. “He visits India once or twice every two years and makes it a point to visit his relatives from Gorakhpur to Delhi. He is a vegetarian and loves home-cooked food in eastern Uttar Pradesh.” They said.

Praising his nephew, Pandey said, “You can gauge his popularity by his margin of victory. In Britain, where elections are won by a margin of just 1,000-2,000 votes, Mishra won by around 16,000 votes.” are.”

Mr. Mishra secured 21,787 votes out of the votes cast. His nearest rival, Reform UK candidate Lynn Schofield, received 6,517 votes.

Mr Pandey said Mr Mishra returned to India for the first time after nearly seven years in the UK and spent time at his maternal grandparents’ home in Gorakhpur.

He added, “Mishra used to fly kites and play cricket in the streets with local children, including my two sons and daughter. My children are also excited about his win.”

During his recent visit to India, Mr. Mishra led a delegation to meet Gujarat Chief Minister Bhupinder Patel. The delegation also met External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar in Delhi.

After that, he spent time with his family in Delhi and Lucknow, Mr. Pandey said.

Political experts claimed that Mr. Mishra’s victory and his association with India would strengthen bilateral relations and cultural, political and social ties between the two countries.

Mr. Pandey said that Mr. Mishra had also planned to visit the Ram temple in Ayodhya but that program did not materialize.

“Mishra was encouraged to join politics and social service by his uncle Nilander Pandey,” Ishwar Singh, a colleague of Mr Pandey in Gorakhpur, told PTI.

“When he went to Gorakhpur at a young age, he used to see the crowds that gathered to meet Pandey and get inspired,” he added.

Mr. Mishra’s ancestral home in Kanpur’s Aryanagar was also thronged with locals, who had gathered to congratulate the family on their second consecutive election win.

Mr. Mishra last visited his family home in Aryanagar about two years ago.

On Friday, Keir Starmer became Britain’s new prime minister after his Labor Party won a landslide victory in a general election in which weary voters delivered a “severe verdict” on the Conservatives led by Rishi Sunak.

The Labor Party won 412 seats in the 650-member House of Commons. Mr Sink’s Conservatives won just 121 seats.

Talking about plans to invite his nephew to India, Mr. Pandey said, “We have invited Mishra to come here soon and a reception will be organized in Lucknow after his arrival.”

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