According to the local police, the case is being investigated.

In a bizarre incident, staff at an Internet cafe in Wenzhou, China, didn’t realize one of their customers had died and instead assumed he was just sleeping. According to South China Morning PostThe man, whose identity is still unknown, had started an extended gaming session on June 1. The cafe employees thought the man was fast asleep and did not bother to wake him.

However, on the night of June 3, at 10 p.m., a cafe worker tried to wake him up, only to find him unresponsive and cold. The alarmed worker contacted the police who confirmed his death.

According to Jammu News, a police officer said, “Based on the remains of the breakfast left on the table, he did not have lunch on June 2. He may have died suddenly on the morning of June 2.”

The man’s brother-in-law, surnamed Chen, said the exact time of death could not be confirmed because his family did not allow a pathologist to conduct an autopsy.

He also questioned the cafe’s employees and expressed his dismay at how the death had gone unnoticed for so long.

“He sat in an open space instead of a closed partition. The employees there should have checked him and noticed his strange behavior,” Chen said.

The manager of the Internet cafe said the man appeared healthy, and was a regular customer who usually stayed for six hours at a time. He added that gamers routinely fall asleep between their gaming sessions and the two staff on duty at the time did not realize the man had been “sleeping” for such a long period of time.

“The staff thought he was resting, so they didn’t wake him up. Often, when we wake up a sleeping customer, they get irritated and scold us,” he said.

According to the local police, the case is being investigated.

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