All five crew members of the submarine died in the accident.

According to the New York Times, a chilling transcript detailing the final moments of the crew of the Titan submarine during their Titanic expedition has been revealed as a hoax. Released last year, the log described a dramatic struggle for survival, raising doubts about its authenticity. After a year-long investigation, authorities confirmed that the replica was a complete fabrication. The crew had no warning of the impending disaster.

According to NYT, The US federal government team investigating the disaster said the entire simulation was fiction. After nearly a year of investigation, the group found no sign that the five tourists aboard the Titan had any warning of the catastrophic explosions that would take their lives. Two miles below, where seawater exerts much greater pressure, an explosion would have instantly destroyed the car’s hull by violently collapsing.

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“I believe it’s a misrepresentation,” said Capt. Jason D. Neubauer, who is retired from the U.S. Coast Guard and serves as chairman of the agency’s top-level inquiry, the Marine Board of Investigation. “It was made up.” Its authorship is unknown.

For a number of reasons, the federal team saw through the charade, even if the journal had an air of authenticity. Remarkably, recordings of actual communications between the submarine and its mother ship were made available to Mr Neubauer’s team. The communications are still a classified component of the federal investigation.

He said his team, assisted by National Transportation Safety Board investigators, found “no evidence” that the Titan tourists had any knowledge of the impending eruption or their fate.

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