Starmer will later meet with Biden at the White House.


New Prime Minister Keir Starmer on Wednesday pledged Britain’s continued support for Ukraine and gave her blessing to British missile strikes inside Russia, making an international appearance at a NATO summit in Washington.

Starmer’s unflinching message of continuity on Ukraine comes as questions mount over Kiev’s most important partner, the United States, where presidential candidate Donald Trump has considered scrapping a quick deal with Russia.

Days after his Labor Party won the election and ousted the Conservatives after 14 years in power, Starmer said his “meetings” with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky at NATO’s 75th anniversary summit would “Very good” meeting.

“I made it very clear that as far as the UK is concerned, a change of government does not affect the support that we will provide,” Starmer told reporters.

“We were united on this when we were in opposition, and it was really important for me to be able to confirm that face-to-face at the meeting,” said Starmer, who has already entered Downing Street by telephone. Was talking to Zelinsky on the phone.

During his flight to Washington, Starmer said the decisions regarding the use of British-supplied Storm Shadow missiles were for the Ukrainian armed forces.

He said Britain’s military aid was “for defense purposes but it is for Ukraine to decide how to deploy it for those defense purposes.”

Britain has been among Ukraine’s staunchest supporters of the war under three Conservative prime ministers, leading the push for a more sophisticated military system and looser sanctions on Kiev.

US President Joe Biden, who has strongly supported Ukraine but has been careful not to start a direct conflict with Russia, recently authorized Ukraine to attack Russian offensive positions just across the border with US weapons. A similar action has been taken by giving.

Zelensky welcomed the decision on the Storm Shadow missiles, writing on Telegram, “Thank you for your continued support of Ukraine and our people!”

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov warned that Russia would take “appropriate measures” in response to Starmer’s decision.

“If this is true, it is definitely another absolutely irresponsible step towards escalating tensions and escalating the situation,” Peskov told reporters.

– A ‘clear look’ at Russia –

Starmer will later meet with Biden at the White House, and speak with other Western leaders, including French President Emmanuel Macron.

Starmer has steered Labor down a more centrist path than his left-wing predecessor and, along with his foreign and defense secretaries, all noted in Washington that Britain had joined NATO in 1949 under Labor prime minister Clement Attlee. Helped in the search.

Starmer said he hoped the NATO summit would send a message to Russian President Vladimir Putin that the alliance “is now bigger than ever, more united than ever, and has a very clear view of the threat of Russian aggression.”

A NATO summit in Britain in 2014 set a target for each ally to contribute at least two percent of GDP to defense, a long-standing US demand.

After that, only the United States, Britain and Greece met the target, but after the attack on Ukraine, the number of members of the 32-nation alliance has decreased to 23.

Britain’s new defense secretary, John Haley, called on NATO to consider moving towards the 2.5 percent target.

Haley told reporters that growing threats around the world suggest that “all NATO countries need to do more than just two percent.”

Whatever the outcome of the US election, Washington’s priorities are “quickly shifting to the Indo-Pacific,” he said.

Haley said that the European countries in NATO should do more heavy lifting.

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