Several photos on social media show broken ceiling panels, with pipes and wires visible.

An Air Europa flight from Madrid to Montevideo made an emergency landing in Brazil after being hit by severe turbulence that left passengers trapped inside the overhead compartments and dozens of others with head, neck and chest injuries. The plane, a Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner with 325 people on board, was diverted early in the morning to the airport in Natal, northeastern Brazil, where more than a dozen ambulances were waiting.

Video from inside the plane has surfaced on social media showing passengers helping a fellow passenger out of the overhead bin storage area. It is still unclear how the man was placed in space. Several passengers said that those who were not wearing seat belts fell out of their seats and hit the roof due to the strong turbulence.

Watch the video here:

1 passenger sampai nyangkut di overhead compartment cabin plane dan 30 passengers injured akibat turbulence di Samudra Atlantik !

On 30 June 24, 30 passengers were injured when the Air Europa flight number UX45 from Madrid to Montevideo departed due to clear air turbulence…

— Jerry Sujatman (@GaryS) July 2, 2024

The Spanish airline announced in a post. x The Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner was en route from Madrid to Uruguay when the incident occurred.

“Our flight UX045 bound for Montevideo has been diverted to Natal Airport (Brazil) due to severe turbulence,” the airline wrote on X in a translation from Spanish. “The plane landed normally and the minor injuries reported are already being treated.”

Several photos on social media show broken ceiling panels, with pipes and wires visible.

Forty passengers were taken to hospitals and clinics in Natal for treatment of “rubbing and minor shock”, the health secretariat of Brazil’s Rio Grande do Norte state told AFP.

As of Monday afternoon, Monsignor Walfredo remained under treatment at Gergell Hospital.

The injured include citizens of Spain, Argentina, Uruguay, Israel, Bolivia and Germany.

Air Europa previously said seven passengers were treated for “various injuries” while an unknown number were treated for injuries.

It added that a plane was being sent from Madrid to collect the passengers while the damaged Boeing was assessed in Natal.

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