The U.S. official said the U.S. welcomes any country building more positive relations with its neighbors.


Vedanta Patel, principal deputy spokesman for the US State Department, reiterated the country’s stance on terrorism and said he hopes every country on the planet condemns terrorism anywhere.

Vedant Patel was asked by a media person where US relations stand with Pakistan and India as India has always emphasized that terrorism and dialogue with Pakistan cannot go together.

Addressing a media briefing on Monday, US officials were responding to a question about where the US stands as a triangle between US-India, Pakistan-India and India-US relations.

The reporter reiterated Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s intention and said that he has been trying even during his second term that India wants good relations with Pakistan, adding that terrorism and dialogue cannot go together.

“We would hope that every country on the planet condemns terrorism anywhere,” Patel said.

He added that the United States welcomes any country building more positive relations with its neighbors.

“But ultimately it’s between India and Pakistan. Of course, we welcome any country to have more positive relations with our neighbors. But as it relates specifically to that, I have something to offer. No,” he said.

Vedanta Patel asserted that India is a country with which the US is deepening ties at several key points.

“India is a country that we are deepening our relationship with in a number of key areas, particularly as it relates to deepening our economic ties, deepening our security cooperation,” he said.

He added that US President Joe Biden had the opportunity to see Prime Minister Modi briefly on the sidelines of the G7 a few weeks ago.

“So, this is an area in which we will continue to develop this relationship,” he said.

Throwing further light on PM Modi’s state visit to the US, Patel said there will be several additional areas where the US will continue to deepen cooperation.

“You are no stranger to the fact that we hosted India for an official visit last summer. And I imagine there will be many additional areas where we will continue to deepen cooperation. National security Adviser Sullivan recently visited Delhi a week ago,” he said.

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