While Microsoft was worried about Google’s AI dominance., he should have been worried about Apple. Apple may have been quiet on AI while its rivals rolled out innovation after innovation in the emerging market for artificial intelligence, but in typical Apple fashion, its delay is not a sign of weakness.

Apple snagged an “observer” seat on OpenAI’s board of directors, according to Bloomberg, which cited unnamed sources. The position — which Apple’s App Store chief Phil Schiller will fill later this year — is part of Apple’s deal with OpenAI To install ChatGPT on your devices.

Microsoft gets its non-voting OpenAI board set. In November 2023. The company has a A multi-year, multi-billion dollar partnership With the powerful AI startup behind the world’s most popular chatbot (ChatGPT). Such board positions allow the tech giants to gain insight into the OpenAI decision-making process, although Microsoft and Apple have no control over those decisions.

Historical rivals Apple and Microsoft have been tied for the seat as the world’s most valuable company for the past month. Microsoft’s big push into AI over the past year It helped overtake Apple’s market capitalization for the first time since 2021. In January. Apple finally caught up in June.and now Microsoft’s market cap is only a hair’s breadth (in Big Tech terms) ahead.

Apple’s Chat GPT deal and OpenAI board set aren’t the only case of its potential AI dominance. The company is A partnership with Google is expected to be announced in the future. and other AI chatbot makers in the future, and is working on its own AI tools (Named “Apple Intelligence”.) such as AI enhancements to its voice assistant, Siri, among other features.

But while Apple’s OpenAI board set is good for its finances, it’s another sign of it. Growing Confusion Between AI Startups and Big Techwho has raised concerns of mistrust.. And as powerful firms hold meetings behind closed doors, experts and former employees have said. Their lack of oversight and transparency poses serious risks to society. – since there is no solid AI regulation yet – like spreading misinformation and increasing inequality.

From the numbers

10 billion dollars: amount of Microsoft’s Investment in OpenAI Last year

$3.41 trillion: Microsoft’s market capitalization on July 3

$3.38 trillion: Apple’s market cap on July 3

$0: How much Apple is paying OpenAI To install ChatGPT on your devices

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