Apple users may soon get their own password manager app as the tech giant plans to introduce a “Passwords” app. With its own password management tool, Apple looks set to give tough competition to existing password managers offered for iPhones and Macs.

Apple plans to launch the Passwords app as a dedicated password manager.

As reported. BloombergApple has decided to introduce its own password manager for users, the “Passwords” app. Apple plans to unveil the new app at this year’s Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (June 10-14, 2024).

While the tech giant will share more details about the password manager at WWDC, for now, they have highlighted a few key features.

As reported, Apple’s Password app will act as a dedicated password manager powered by Apple’s iCloud Keychain. Although Keychain already works as a standalone password management solution, allowing for both password generation and storage features, using it is a bit inconvenient for most users as it requires device settings. Accessible only after navigating. So, Apple plans to streamline the process with the new Passwords app, making the password manager easily accessible.

Regarding the functionality of the Passwords app, Apple shares that the app can import passwords from other password managers. Thus, users can easily switch from their existing password managers to Apple’s built-in one. In addition, it will also provide multi-factor authentication functionality, allowing users to bypass other authentic apps as well.

With so many features, the tech giant seems poised to give tough competition to the big players in the password management space, e.g. Last pass and others. Apparently it has ironed out all the flaws in its existing credential management features. The new Password app will boast easy access, secure password management, and MFA functionality—everything a privacy-conscious user wants.

However, it remains to be seen whether Apple can really convince its users to trust the Passwords app instead of their existing password vaults.

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