Rivals Microsoft And Google Meanwhile, Microsoft and the AI ​​chipmaker have been pushing ahead, producing rapid-fire products. Nvidia Overtaking Apple as the world’s largest company by stock price.

Apple’s share price has been on a rollercoaster ride since the AI ​​frenzy sparked, but believers see Monday’s announcements as the start of a new chapter for the iPhone maker.

While its “silence is deafening, all that will change on June 10, when Apple crosses the AI ​​Rubicon,” predicted Deepanjan Chatterjee, an analyst at research firm Forrester.

At the center of the announcements will almost certainly be an update to Apple’s iPhone operating system, iOS 18, which is expected to give AI a central role.

Silicon Valley believes generative AI will profoundly change how consumers interact with smartphones and computers, but the technology is still in its infancy and its benefits are not yet fully clear.

There are also many rumors about a “flagship” OpenAI partnership that could include a special chatbot for iPhone owners and supercharge the much-mocked Siri.

Daniel Ives, senior analyst at Wedbush Securities, said all these announcements would set the stage for the expected iPhone 16 release later in the year and open the door to a “growth recovery” for the company.

Since Apple makes most of its money from selling iPhones, AI will likely focus on its devices and services that work together, said Carolina Milanesi, an analyst at Creative Strategies.

“At the end of the day for Apple, it’s about getting people to upgrade their iPhone,” Milanesi said. “We’ll see if Apple gives them a compelling reason to do that.”

Gadjo Sevilla, senior analyst at eMarketer, said the announcements at WWDC will be a “litmus test” for Apple’s ability to integrate generative AI like ChatGPT into all its devices and services.

“Any missteps by Apple at this juncture could cost it its place as a technology leader, especially since it is now sandwiched between two AI giants with real products and plans to run well into the next two years. Wale is releasing the roadmap.”

CEO Cook already foretold his commitment to AI earlier this year by introducing more powerful and AI-ready chips to the iPad and MacBook releases.

But the biggest challenge for Apple, analysts say, is how to incorporate the technology into its products without undermining its much-developed user privacy and security.

Chat GPT-style AI feeds on vast amounts of data and Apple will have trouble fighting the AI ​​race while maintaining its traditional position of protecting data privacy.

“Having too much control over an AI ecosystem could cause Apple to lose ground or fall behind while other companies move quickly and break things,” Sevilla said.

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