Artifact, the AI-powered news aggregator app will likely continue to operate, at least for now. Last month, the company announced that it was closing shop after the app didn’t become as popular as the creators had hoped.

Artifact App |  Artifact AI News |  Artifact News AppArtifact was launched in February 2023. (Image Source: Artifact)

Artifact, an AI-powered news aggregation app has been here for a while at least. Created by Instagram co-founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, the creators announced earlier this year that they were closing up shop because “the market opportunity is not large enough to warrant continued investment in this way.” can be given.”

In a blog post, the developers said they would be phasing out work in February, but the app seems to be working as of today. According to a recent report by tech crunch, Systrom said he is working with Krieger and has not given up on plans to maintain the app in the future and will try to keep the service alive.

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The report also states that Systrom and Krieger are currently the only people operating the artifact and that it will likely be shut down sometime soon. Unlike other apps, Artifact was self-funded by the founders, and it looks like they still have the money to run the app, at least for now.

Launched in February last year, Artifact delivers AI-powered personalized news based on user behavior. The app eventually introduced several new features such as AI-powered article summaries, comments, a Twitter-like posting feature and marking articles as clickbait. However, the app lost some of them because they required extensive moderation, which was more than the eight-person team at Artifact.

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