Boat Airpods 800 was launched in India on May 17 with adaptive EQ and Dolby Audio supported audio. The earphones are equipped with 10mm titanium drivers, ENC-supported microphones and an IPX5 rating for splash and sweat resistance. They are also compatible with the BOOT Hearables application, available on both Android and iOS smartphones, which allows users to customize touch control and equalizer settings. The true wireless (TWS) earphones are claimed to offer a total battery life of up to 40 hours. I’ve spent a little over a week with the Boot Erdops 800 and let’s talk about how “dope” the budget offering is or isn’t.

Boot Erdops 800 Review: Design and Features

The true wireless in-ear bot Erdops 800 comes in the box with three silicone eartip size options – small, medium and large. It’s mildly annoying that neither size offered a comfortable fit for me, but I found that the smaller size worked best. I say that very generously of course. The mid-range tips should have worked better in theory but every time I laughed so hard at the Brooklyn Nine Nine Cold Open, the earphones popped out and the in-ear detection feature stopped the show. Well, now we know that in-ear detection works well, but more on that later. Preferring to keep the earphones in my ear during my day, I chose to use the smaller sized tips most of the time.

The boot comes with an IPX5 rating for Erdopus 800 splash and sweat resistance.

Regardless of which tip size I chose, the fit of the Boot Erdops 800 isn’t the most comfortable. When I (re)watched Arrival (2016), the longest I consumed was about two hours, one hour and 56 minutes. More on that later, but as the sound experience lived on, the slight pain on the outer shell of my ears was equally evident.

If we move on though the fit, things look up for these TWS earphones. The stem has a slightly curved bump-like design that helps with a better grip when putting on or taking off the earphones. The touch control sensors were placed at the top and were largely smooth in operation. The charging points of the earphones, placed inside the stem, come in direct contact with the skin. While I didn’t experience any skin irritation or rashes, people with sensitive skin and/or metal allergies may have issues with this.

The boot Erdops 800’s charging case is complicated. The earphones as well as the case weigh 45 grams, which isn’t unusually heavy for TWS earphones, but the boxy design makes it seem bulkier. It’s possible to carry it in your jeans pocket as long as you can easily get out of the bump clearly. At the bottom of the case is an indicator light that shows the connectivity and battery/charge status of the earphones. The USB Type-C charging port is placed on the right edge of the case. The boot logo is also emblazoned on the cover as well as the Dolby Audio branding.

Along with a charging case and two extra pairs of earphones and ear tips, the retail box of the Boot Airpods 800 includes a USB Type-A to USB Type-C cable, an information/instruction booklet and a few stickers.

Boat Airpods 800 Review: App and Specifications

As mentioned earlier, Boat Airdopes 800 is compatible with the Boat Hearables app. After pairing with your smartphone, the app syncs with the earphones and on the home page, you see the battery level of the left and right earphones. Further down, you have a list of different pre-installed equalizer settings and an option to opt for the Adaptive EQ option. It is powered by Mimi, who can also be found in Nothing Air (Review) and Nothing Air 2.

Boot Erdops 800 Boot Hearable App Online Boot Erdops 800

Screen grabs from the process of setting up Adaptive EQ on the Boot Hearables app

Adaptive EQ is said to offer users a personalized sound experience. To configure the Adaptive EQ on the Boat Airdopes 800, you need to click on the “Set up Adaptive EQ” option. It will take you through a practice round and a step-by-step test with easy-to-follow on-screen instructions. After the setup is complete, you can choose to switch the Adaptive EQ mode to experience an exclusively customized sound.

Preset EQ includes five options – Balanced, Pop, Rock, Jazz and Club. You can also choose to toggle between Dolby Movie and Dolby Natural settings. We will discuss the audio experience of each of these methods in detail in the next section.

In another tab within the Boat Hearables app, you can select one-tap and two-tap functions on the left and right earphones separately. Although you could use four completely separate actions with them, I chose to use the same actions for both sides. But that’s just because I find it easy. You can choose from functions like – play/pause, volume control (up/down), switch between tracks (next/previous), as well as manage Best Mode and Google Assistant.

The third “System” tab allows you to access a section to help you check the latest version of the Bot Erdoops 800’s user manual and the Bot Hearables app. In this tab, you can also choose to turn on/off the in-air detection feature and multipoint connectivity option.

Boot Erdoops 800 Gadgets 360 Review Online3 Boot Erdoops 800

Boat AirPods 800 are equipped with 35mAh batteries in each earbud

The Boat Airdopes 800 is equipped with 10mm titanium drivers and four AI-powered ENC-backed microphones. The earphones have 35 mAh batteries and the charging case has a 400 mAh battery. They support Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity and 50ms low latency. The storage case has a USB Type-C charging port and the earphones come with an IPX5 rating for splash and sweat resistance.

Boot Airpods 800 Review: Performance and Battery Life

The Boat Airdopes 800 pairs seamlessly with two devices, which in this case were my Redmi Note 11 Pro smartphone and Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming 3 laptop. Bluetooth connectivity and 50ms low latency make the earphones a great option for occasional gamers and full-time audio-visual content consumers like myself. Low Latency Mode or Best Mode can be turned on and off by pressing the touch control area of ​​the right earbud for three seconds.

However, I faced some connectivity issues. While switching between different preset EQ modes, the app sometimes hangs or sometimes fails to recognize the earphones, showing alerts to connect to a Bluetooth device to complete the process. The option to change the adaptive EQ mode is sometimes disconnected from both or one side of the earphones. An easy fix for these glitches was to put the earphones back in the case for a few seconds before reconnecting them.

These connectivity issues while changing equalization modes were prevalent for the first two days I used the Boat Airdopes 800, but with each update to the Boat Hearables app, the frequency of these issues decreased. Obviously, the issues were due to bugs that were fixed with OTA updates. With the current version ( I haven’t faced any connectivity issues.

Boot Erdoops 800 Gadgets 360 Review Online2 Boot Erdoops 800

The boot supports Arduino 800 Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity.

The Boat Airdopes 800’s sound is full of bass, as advertised and expected, but it doesn’t suffer any significant mids and high tones, especially considering the price range. Even without any custom mode, listening to music on these earphones is a pleasure. It’s more than enough for casual use with a decent battery life.

Even when you run out of battery, the Android 800’s adaptive EQ mode offers a personalized sound experience that I preferred in some, but not all instances. When listening to Baba O’Riley by The Who, I preferred the custom equalization that the Adaptive EQ mode offered over the regular sound. In particular, you can reset the settings by retaking the test whenever you want.

Dolby Natural mode introduces elements of native sound, which tastes best with music with a stereo track. The details of the arrangements are particularly prominent in tracks such as David Bowie’s Space Oddity or any Abbey Road from The Beatles Super Deluxe Mix. If you’re as much of a Beatlehead as I am, when the song Oh! Darling plays, you can imagine the various positions the Fab Four were in inside the recording room at Abbey Road Studios. This is more than what I expect from TWS earphones priced below Rs. 2,000

As mentioned earlier, I watched the 2016 Denis Villeneuve feature film Arrival with the Boat Airdopes 800 earphones. Aside from Bradford Young’s solid cinematography, I’d argue that Johan Johnson’s score helps make this one of the best sci-fi films of recent memory. My expectations were low because my expectations had been built up from seeing the first day, second show in theaters all those years on multiple rewatches over the years on different phones and PCs. I was pleasantly surprised by the experience that the Dolby Movie Audio mode offers on these earphones. I wouldn’t say it offered a theater-like experience, but it was pretty close and great at this price point.

Sound experiences with the preset modes are as expected – the Rock and Club options are more bass-heavy than the rest, while the Balanced mode offers a really stable equalization. The Jazz and Pop presets focus slightly more on vocals and treble.

Boot Erdoops 800 Review Gadgets 360 Inline6 Boot Erdoops 800

The boot AirPods 800 have charging points on the inside of the earphone stems.

Calling and answering with the boot Erdoops 800 was satisfactory. In an indoor setting with a stable network connection, despite the occasional environmental disturbance, calls were clear, with no voice complaints from the other end.

The Boat Airdopes 800 is claimed to offer up to 40 hours of total battery life at 60 percent volume. For testing purposes, I kept this volume intact. Without Adaptive EQ mode on, but with a few hours of Dolby Movie Audio mode, I got about 36 hours of total playback time on a single charge. The earphones offer over four hours of playback.

With Adaptive EQ mode on, the Boat Airdopes 800 earphones offer up to three and a half hours of playback at a time. The earphones require about 30 minutes inside the case to charge from zero to 100, while the charging case fully charges in an hour and 30 minutes.

Boot Erdops 800 Review: The Verdict

As a casual consumer, if you’re looking for something that has the ability to offer an almost theater-like experience on a budget, you might want to consider the Boat Airdopes 800 TWS earphones. Adaptive EQ provides a smooth audio journey, while Dolby Audio support gives the overall sound performance just the kick it needs to stand out from the competition.

If you’re on a tight budget and want a decent, personalized experience, Boat Airdopes for Rs 800. 1,799 is the perfect ‘fit’ for you. While the physical fit of the earphones isn’t the most comfortable, it’s good enough to use for two hours at a time with 10 or 20 minute breaks in between. You should also be willing to gamble with the smoothness of switching between different sound and equalizer modes. If it moves smoothly at once then all is well, otherwise, be ready with the case on hand to quickly reassemble the devices.

You can also check out the OnePlus Nord Buds 2r ( review ), which is currently available in India for Rs. 1,899 for another Rs 100 for a larger 12.4mm driver, an IP55 rating and a lighter case. CMF Buds, which come at a slightly higher price of Rs. 1,999 for a comfortable fit, plus up to 42dB Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) support can be found.

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