A legal battle between Prince Harry And the big British tabloids heat up. Defendant has accused the Duke of Sussex of destroying evidence in his phone hacking case.

Harry deleted the text messages with his ghostwriter.

Newsgroup Newspapers Claimed that Harry deleted the text messages from his phone. JR Mohringerpast author of his memoir, “Spear.”

Judge Fancourt commented that it was disturbing that a large number of text messages between Harry and Mohringer had been deleted.

The judge ordered Harry to write a statement to “clearly explain” what happened.

Harry and several other famous athletes are suing Newsgroup Newspapers for alleged phone hacking.

“Was charged with widespread illegal information gathering, including landline tapping, car tampering, theft, and unlawfully obtaining classified information.”

In other words, Harry alleges that private details of his life were illegally collected.

The ghostwriter explained that he and Harry had been texting each other…

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