investment I CryptocurrencyIt can be an experience full of uncertainty, especially in the long term. on one hand, Crypto markets are unusually volatile which makes it likely that the investment will Rocket in price And to fall To be incapable of anything.

The long-term prospects of digital assets are also somewhat uncertain, with their biggest proponents calling them the future of money and expecting them to be the next major payment vehicle.

Some are even predicting the rise of a new aristocracy consisting of at least a handful of outright property owners. Bitcoin (BTC).

Still, cryptocurrencies have no shortage of critics, some of whom call them purists. Blockchain Side-grade the sector, a less efficient way for humanity to do what it’s already doing, and predict that digital assets will be transferred to little better than glorified gaming.

Whatever the future may be and whatever their real value is. Technology In the long run, until 2024, cryptocurrencies appear to be here to stay, and many savvy investors have decided to at least dip their toes into the market.

Trying to make long-term cryptocurrency selection at least somewhat easier, Finbold decided to consult its latest model. Open AI Flag bearer Artificial intelligence (AI) platform, ChatGPT-4oon which three digital assets would be good to buy in 2024 and hold forever.

ChatGPT-4 chooses three projects to buy and hold forever.

After being asked to analyze and make a choice, ChatGPT began by explaining the key factors it would consider. According to A.Iare ‘historical performance, technological innovation, market adoption, and future potential Development.’

After establishing these fundamentals, ChatGPT built a relatively conservative long-term portfolio consisting of Bitcoin, Ethereum (ETH), and Polkadot (DOT).

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ChatGPT-4o chooses 3 cryptocurrencies to hold forever. Source: Finbold and ChatGPT-4o

According to AI, Bitcoin is a strong candidate thanks to its historical performance and technological progress, but also thanks to its relatively widespread adoption. Regulatory Acceptance.

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ChatGPT explains why it chose BTC. Source: Finbold and ChatGPT-4o

Ethereum was chosen because of its technological innovation – with a particular focus on the transition to Proof-of-Stake (PoS) – the development of its ecosystem, and the network effects generated by its popularity.

ChatGPT explains why it chose ETH. Source: Finbold and ChatGPT-4o

In conclusion, ChatGPT considers Polkadot a worthwhile investment thanks to its interoperability and scalability, as well as a strong development team and a supportive and dedicated community. AI also explained that Polkadot’s parachain activity is also of particular importance as it exhibits high levels of efficacy.

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ChatGPT explains why it chose DOT. Source: Finbold and ChatGPT-4o

ChatGPT concluded its analysis by stating that while crypto markets are volatile, ‘three assets have shown resilience and have strong fundamentals that could make them worthwhile investments to sustain forever.’

Disclaimer: The content on this site should not be considered as investment advice. Investments are speculative. When investing, your capital is at risk.

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