“We’ve built support into Siri, so Siri can use ChatGPT’s expertise when it’s helpful for you.” – Craig Federighi, SVP of Software Engineering at Apple

ChatGPT will also be integrated into other first-party Apple apps, such as writing tools, to help with the creation of text and images.

As with the last 12 iterations of iOS, iOS18 – along with iPadOS 18 and macOS Sequoia – is expected to start rolling out in September this year.

Apple Intelligence and OpenAI

Apple’s Chat GPT integration appears to be a key part of the company’s Apple Intelligence rollout – its move toward greater implementation of large language models and artificial intelligence to enhance the user experience of Apple device users. A highly anticipated move.

“Our unique approach combines creative AI with the user’s personal context to deliver truly helpful intelligence.” – Tim Cook, CEO of Apple

However, the announcement stopped short of saying that the partnership with OpenAI would be exclusive, saying that Apple Intelligence would “start” with ChatGPT.

It was previously rumored to be considering a partnership with Google’s Gemini AI model, which also leaves room for Apple to develop its own “Apple GPT” and language model framework. Ajax.

Elon Musk threatens to ban Apple devices

Amid social media backlash to the announcement, Elon Musk used his platform X, formerly Twitter, to mock the news.

In a series of posts, Musk called the merger an “unacceptable security breach” and said “visitors will have to check their Apple devices at the door”.

During Apple’s keynote, Federighi addressed potential security concerns by saying that requests and information would not be logged.

A follow-up press release on Apple’s website expands on this, stating: “Privacy protections are in place for users who access ChatGPT – their IP addresses are obfuscated, and OpenAI ChatGPT’s data usage policies apply to users who choose to link their account.

Chat GPT recently drew criticism.

This announcement by Apple has come out amidst the uproar. AI errorsIncluding OpenAI’s decision to stop ChatGPT from answering questions Upcoming elections.

Following reports that the AI ​​platform was giving factually incorrect answers to questions about elections that had not yet taken place, OpenAI said it would allow ChatGPT to refuse to answer such requests and provide users with more authentic information. Sources such as the UK Electoral Commission will point to this. website

It’s not just OpenAI that’s in the hot seat, on AI-generated wrong answers. Google has been openly mocked online for its AI summaries, which have, among other things, advised users to put glue on pizza and drink urine for medicinal reasons.

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