At the Computex 2024 AI Everywhere event in Taipei, Taiwan on Tuesday, Intel unveiled the architecture behind Lunar Lake processors, aimed at upcoming AI PCs. According to Intel, Lunar Lake offers incredible power efficiency with three times more AI compute than existing Meteor Lake processors.

Intel said that by 2027, 60 percent of new PCAIs will be IPCs. The company’s Core Ultra platform is said to be capable of supporting more than 500 AI models and more than 300 AI features from 100 independent software vendors.

During the keynote address, Intel CEO Pete Gelsinger said, “The magic of silicon is once again enabling significant advances in computing that will push the boundaries of human potential and power the global economy for years to come. Will.”

Intel Gaudy 3 Intel Gaudi 3 AI Accelerator (Image credit: Vivek Umashankar/The Indian Express)

He also said, “Our latest Xeon, Gaudi and Core Ultra platforms, combined with the power of our hardware and software ecosystem, are delivering flexible, secure, durable and cost-effective solutions. are what our customers need to maximize the tremendous opportunities ahead.”

In addition to the new Lunar Lake architecture of the upcoming Intel Core Ultra processors, Gelsinger also announced Xeon 6 server processors and the Gaudi 3 AI accelerator.

A festive offering

The new Intel Xeon 6 processors now come with up to 144 efficient (E-cores) CPU cores, offering up to 4.2x the performance and 2.6x the performance per watt of their predecessors. Similarly, the Gaudi 3 is the company’s latest flagship AI accelerator, which is said to cost more than the NVIDIA H100 which is priced at $1,25,000.

Lunar Lake comes with a brand new architecture.

According to Intel, the new Lunar Lake AI introduces a new architecture for PC chips, including performance cores (P-cores) and efficiency cores (E-cores) that provide significant increases in performance and performance. As well as a new neural processing unit (NPU) capable of offering up to 48 trillion operations per second (TOPs) of AI performance.

The chip also includes new integrated Xe2 graphics that are capable of delivering up to 67 peaks of performance, along with a new compute cluster known as a low-power island, further improving performance and leapfrogging. To enable longer battery life on top.

Intel also confirmed that there will be more than 80 different AI PCs from 20 different OEMs, based on Lunar Lake-based Core Ultra processors. These will launch in the third quarter of 2024, and the company expects to ship more than 40 million AI PCs in 2024.

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