DatabricksA leading data and AI company has announced the acquisition of Tabler, a data management startup founded by Ryan Blue, Daniel Weeks and Jason Reed.

This strategic initiative aims to unify two leading open source Lake House formats, Apache Iceberg and Delta Lake, to improve data compatibility and interoperability for enterprises.

Financial terms of the deal are unknown, but industry estimates put the acquisition value between $1 billion and $2 billion.

A shared vision of openness

Both Databricks and Tabular have a strong commitment to open source formats. Databricks, known for its contributions to open source projects, has contributed 12 million lines of code and is the largest independent open source company by revenue. The acquisition underscores Databricks’ dedication to opening up data formats, ensuring companies retain control over their data and avoid vendor lock-in.

The Rise of Lake House Architecture

Databricks launched the Lakehouse architecture in 2020, integrating traditional data warehousing with AI workloads on a single, controlled copy of data.

This architecture, which relies on open formats, has been widely adopted, with 74% of enterprises deploying a lake house, according to a survey by MIT Technology Review. Lakehouse is based on open source data formats that enable ACID transactions on data stored in object storage, improving reliability and performance.

Addressing format incompatibilities

Despite their common goals, Delta Lake and Iceberg, the two leading open source lake house formats, have developed independently, leading to incompatibilities.

This fragmentation undermines the value of the lakehouse architecture by siloing enterprise data. Databricks aims to address this issue by working with the Iceberg and Delta Lake communities to bring interoperability across formats.

The introduction of the Delta Lake uniform last year was a step toward that goal, bringing consistency across Delta Lake, Iceberg and the hoodie.

Future plans and integrations

With the acquisition of Tabular, Databricks plans to invest heavily in expanding Delta Lake Uniform’s ambitions. The integration of Tabular’s technology and expertise will help Databricks expand its data management platform, helping companies leverage AI more effectively.

The acquisition is expected to close in Databricks’ second fiscal quarter, subject to customary closing conditions.

The acquisition marks an important step in Databricks’ strategy to strengthen its market position and offer more powerful and versatile data management and AI solutions to its customers.

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