Rapper and songwriter Doja Cat’s X account was hacked on July 8, with hackers using the opportunity to promote a scam token dubbed his likeness – DOJA – to his 5.6 million followers. . In the now-deleted post, the scammers wrote, “Buy $DOJA or else,” followed by the Solana address, which the hackers used to collect funds from victims.

Within an hour of the post going live, DOJA’s market cap had soared to $1.65 million as unsuspecting fans and those looking to capitalize on celebrity coins bought their stake in the asset. Shortly after, the coin price fell to $16,820, giving investors a collective loss of around $1.63 million.

Duja Kate confirmed on her Instagram that her X account has been hacked. “My twitter has been hacked these messages are not from me,” she wrote on one story.

This incident happened when the accounts of celebrities are being hacked by cybercriminals to promote the scam token. They make millions within hours as unsuspecting fans and crypto enthusiasts invest in the tokens, only for them to scrap the project and run out of funds. Investors end up with worthless tokens.

Hulk Hogan’s X account was also recently hacked for similar purposes. The scheme token promoted at the time was also based on Solana, which is a common trait with most of these tokens.

Duja Cat’s hackers did more harm than good to her fans. He also took shots at rapper Iggy Azalea, using derogatory language in a since-deleted X post. While it caused controversy in the hip-hop world, it quickly died down after everyone learned that Duja Cat’s account had been hacked.

The post could have been a way to further promote the token, as Azalea’s MOTHER token — an actual project backed by Azalea with promises to bring utility — made a lot of noise in June. The DojaCat hackers probably fired on Azalea to stir the pot and build hype in the small window needed to dupe investors.

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