In 2015, an IBM employee Neeraj Sharma References In his resignation in a unique format – a poem titled “Kehna Bus Itna Hai Ki”, embellished with Madhubani-style artwork. The poem to Shailesh Agarwal, a prominent IBM leader, was a light-hearted gesture that led to much banter and camaraderie.

Recently, this ex-IBM employee Sharma, now a managing director at Accenture, used to Listen to turn his poetic resignation into a song, claiming it to be his best AI-generated song to date. He praised’s capabilities, particularly in handling non-English lyrics and non-Western music, and highlighted how the tool accurately captures the emotions and pronunciation of complex words.

Check out the song here..

Snow AI, which allows one to create songs based on simple text prompts describing a theme or lyrics, has been extensively tested, with impressive results.

For example, the AI ​​tool expertly handled the pronunciation of “Phurrr” and “Kshitij”, a name that is often misused even by sufferers. The former IBM employee shared his experience and encouraged others to listen to the song to appreciate the nuances achieved by AI.

“It’s been running on my laptop for a few days now,” Sharma said.

A few weeks ago, a Punjabi-themed Bollywood-inspired song was shared on X, which was overshadowed by the video of ‘Kaala Chashma’. It may not sound fancy, nor does it go well with the video, however, the nearly 2-minute song was completely AI-generated using AI-music generation application SnowAI.

Not only Snow AI, the latest Stable Audio 2.0, by Stability AI also creates high-quality full tracks.

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