The ‘Topic Filters’ will change dynamically as you browse the results similar to how it works on mobile devices.

Google Search |  Google Search Topic Filter |  New Google Search featureGoogle introduced this feature on mobile devices in December last year. (Image source: Reuters)

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In December last year, Google introduced a feature called ‘Topic Filters’ for desktop search results. It works by suggesting topics based on your search term. If you search Google for Pixel 7, the results will be divided into topics like ‘Specs’ and ‘Reviews’ to the right of the usual search tabs for ‘Shopping’, ‘Images’ and ‘News’.

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Recently, the tech giant introduced this feature to the desktop version of Google Search. Google says the titles are dynamic and change as you tap on the results.

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This change will enable users of the service to find and categorize the information exactly what they are looking for. Google also introduced a new drop-down menu labeled ‘All Filters’ that lets users set filters.

This is really helpful as all those browsing will no longer have control over which tabs will appear next as the algorithm will now show the terms it thinks might be of interest to you. As of now, the search tabs consist of eight categories, namely Photos, Maps, Shopping, News, Videos, Flights, Books and Finance.

Currently available for English users in the US, it is expected to expand to other languages ​​and regions soon. A few months ago, Google added reverse image search capability to Search and announced that it was working on new features for Indian users such as support for multi-search and bilingual search results in Hindi.

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