The iPad iOS 7 beta for iPad and iPad mini is now available for users who want to try iOS 7 beta without installing it on the phone they carry around every day.

Apple just released iOS 7 beta 2 with support for the iPad and iPad mini. This new version of iOS 7 beta is available now to Apple’s registered developers and will soon be available to average users who register their iPad as part of the developer program.

This is the first time iOS 7 is available for iPad, and it comes two weeks after iOS 7 was announced at WWDC 2013. This is not the final version of iOS 7, but just the first of many versions that will arrive on the iPhone. iPad over the next several months.

iPad iOS 7 beta is now available.

The video below shows a look at the iOS 7 beta, which highlights many of iOS 7’s new features. iPad iOS 7 beta may bring iPad-specific features to users.

The iOS 7 beta is for registered Apple developers and there is no way to use this beta without registering an iPad or iPad mini with a developer account. Users who want to avoid the $99 iOS developer fee can register their device with a third party for about $8.

The official iOS 7 release date is set for fall, and will likely arrive a few days before the release of the iPhone 5S.

Where to Sign Up for iPad iOS 7 Beta

The iPad and iPad mini iOS 7 beta is now available as part of the iOS 7 beta 2 release that brings new features to iPhone and provides first access to the iPad beta.

The official way to get the iOS 7 beta is to join the Apple Developer Program for $99 a year. It allows you to register up to 100 devices to try the iOS 7 beta and test apps. It’s designed for developers, but Apple doe snot kick you out if you don’t build an app. Even users going that route should be sure they can live with a smaller iPad since the iOS 7 beta software isn’t finished yet.

Register for iPad iOS 7 Beta

Register for iPad iOS 7 Beta

For customers who don’t want to pay $99 to join the Apple Developer Program There are many third party services eg IMZDL which will register the iPad to be part of the iOS 7 beta for $8. Registration lasts for one year and is almost instant. It’s not directly through Apple, so there’s always the possibility that the service will be discontinued, but it’s one of the most popular services.

Users must enter their iPad UDID to join the iOS 7 beta. This is unique to an individual iPad or iPhone. Users registering an iPhone as part of the iOS 7 beta will need to register an iPad separately. The easiest way to do this is to download. Sender UDID And email yourself the iPad or iPad mini UDID.

iPad iOS 7 Beta Downloads

gave iPad IOS 7 beta download files available. In the Apple Developer section for registered developers. Users can sign in and download the relevant iOS 7 beta 2 files for iPad and iPad mini.

IMZDL says it will host iOS 7 beta downloads soon. For iPad.

iPad iOS 7 beta works on the following iPad models.

  • iPad 2
  • iPad 3
  • iPad 4
  • Small iPad
iPad iOS 7 beta downloads are now available.

iPad iOS 7 beta downloads are now available.

This includes WiFi, WiFi+ 3G and WiFi + LTE models on all carriers. Users will need to download the correct iPad iOS 7 beta to make sure it works.

How to Install iPad iOS 7 Beta

Users who have installed iOS 7 beta for iPhone will already know most of the iPad iOS 7 beta installation process. The steps outlined will walk users through backing up the iPad and installing iOS 7 beta on an iPad or iPad mini.

Installing iOS 7 beta on iPad 3 took about 15 minutes. It took another 15 to 20 minutes to restore the iPad. Allow another 30 to 60 minutes to sync apps and data to the iPad.

Users can restore from backups made in iOS 6, but any backups made in iOS 7 will not work if they choose to downgrade to iOS 6. Officially Apple does not allow users to downgrade from iOS 7 to iOS 6, but we provide instructions for users who need a guide to downgrade from iOS 7 to iOS 6.

1. Register an iPad or iPad mini UDID. With IMZDL

2. Make sure you are on. The latest version of iTunes.

Connect to iTunes.

Connect to iTunes.

3. Connect the iPad to the computer and Perform a backup with iTunes..

4. Download iOS 7 Beta For your iPad or iPad mini model. IMZDL Offers direct iOS 7 beta downloads and torrents.

Select iPad iOS 7 Beta Download.

Select iPad iOS 7 Beta Download.

5.. Open iTunes and upgrade to iOS 7 beta. Choosing Recovery.

  • Be sure to do it. Hold alt/option on a Mac When click Restore.
  • On Windows, Hold Shift when Clicking Restore.

6. Find the .ipsw file you downloaded. and select it.

After installing iOS 7, restore or set up as a new iPad.

After installing iOS 7, restore or set up as a new iPad.

7. Complete the installation. and then Choose to restore from a backup or start over as a new iPad.

Restore from ios7 iPad beta backup.

8. Sync with computer. To transfer music, movies, apps, etc.

This completes the iPad iOS 7 beta installation for iOS 7 beta 2. Future iOS 7 beta versions should be available as over-the-air upgrades.

Reasons for iPad not installing iOS 7 beta

The iPad iOS 7 beta offers early access to new iOS 7 features, but it’s not for everyone. Not all apps will work on iOS 7 beta and the software has an expiration date, so users who travel away from an Internet connection or without their notebooks may be stuck with a working iPad for a while. Can live without.

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Only users who can manage to use an iPad or iPad mini that doesn’t work 100% of the time should also consider installing the iPad iOS 7 beta. Users should avoid leaving any App Store reviews while using the beta, as problems are expected, and are not the fault of the app developer.

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