Authorities in Jammu and Kashmir have detained 50 people, including a truck driver, for questioning as they search for terrorists who ambushed an army vehicle. Five army personnel were killed in this attack.

Indian Army personnel during a counter-terrorism operation following a terrorist attack on an army convoy in Kathua district. (PTI photo)

According to officials, a truck was following the army vehicles on the mountain road. It slowed down near Badnota village in Lohai Malhar, where terrorists launched an attack from two directions, killing five army personnel, including a junior commissioned officer.

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Authorities are investigating whether the civilian driver deliberately delayed the convoy by requesting to pass through the playa.

A large-scale search operation is underway by the army and police in spite of heavy rains in dense forests spread across four districts.

An official told PTI, “The role of a civilian tipper, who slowed down the convoy, has come under investigation as it is believed that the driver deliberately asked for a pass on the bridge. General Army vehicles are normally given priority in these areas but still Tipper asked for a pass which slowed down both the vehicles.

Officials reported that 50 people were ambushed and detained for questioning as a result of the operation launched from Kathua, Udhampur and Bhadrwah.

He added that efforts are on to find and eliminate the terrorists hiding in the forest. In another related effort, a search operation is underway in the upper reaches of Doda district following an exchange of fire between terrorists and security forces.

Army and police teams have started. New searches Wednesday morning in dense forests of Udhampur, Samba, Rajouri and Poonch districts.

People of Badnota village and surrounding areas were worried about their safety after the ambush. They were asking for the formation of village defense groups to deal with the menace of terrorism. Residents want the government to provide them with weapons and training so that they can help the security forces fight terrorism, PTI reported.

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