TEMPO.CO, JakartaIndonesia’s Ministry of Communications and Information (Kominfo) has confirmed that it attempted to use a decryption key provided by the BrainCypher ransomware group to unlock access to a compromised Provisional National Data Center (PDNS). Is.

“We have tested the key in the space room, and it successfully unlocked six data sets,” said Samuel Abrijani Pingrapan, Director General of Informatics Applications, Thursday, July 4, at the Kommunfo Ministry office in Jakarta.

Earlier, Samuel announced that he had tendered his resignation following the PDNS hack.

He is not sure if a single key will unlock all the encrypted data. According to him, PDNS stores a lot of information, and the team immediately started testing after receiving the key last night, and the process is ongoing.

“Our technical team is currently working. [on decryption]”Samuel added. The exact volume of data encrypted by BrainCypher is unknown.

As previously reported, the BrainCypher ransomware group followed through on its promise to provide a decryption key for PDNS for free on Wednesday, July 3rd.

The announcement was reposted by @FalconFeedsio, a social media account on Platform X (formerly Twitter) around 8:27pm Jakarta time. The BrainCypher ransomware group claimed that the key was released independently without any influence from outside parties, including the Indonesian government.

Afron Mandlaputra

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