The Meta 3D Gen system takes user input in text form and creates a 3D mesh structure and adds textures and other details.

Meta 3D Gen
Meta 3D General (Source: Meta)

Harsh Shivam New Delhi

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, has published a research paper detailing the “Meta 3D Gen AI” system, which it says can generate 3D models using text prompts. is capable of Meta said 3D Gen is a collaborative AI system that can generate high-quality 3D assets, including both high-resolution textures and material maps, in under a minute.

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Meta 3D General: What is it?

According to a paper published by Meta researchers, Meta 3D Gen is a combined system that uses two AI-powered subsystems called Meta 3D AssetGen and Meta 3D TextureGen. The system can take text prompts from the user and produce a final output of AI-generated 3D content such as characters, props or scenes. Additionally, the user can also provide the system with a pre-generated 3D mesh, which is basically the structure of a 3D model, and ask it to add texture to it.

Meta 3D General: How it works

Meta said the 3D General AI system uses Physically Based Rendering (PBR) techniques to generate 3D content from scratch. The system first takes an input from the user containing instructions for creating a 3D structure and its design elements, including textures.

In the first step, the Meta 3D AssetGen system creates an initial “3D asset” based on the user’s prompt. This step generates a 3D mesh with texture and PBR material maps. Meta said the estimated time for this step is about 30 seconds.

In the second step, high-quality texture and PBR maps are generated for the 3D asset created in the first step. According to the company, this step uses the Meta3D TextureGen system and takes about 20 seconds.

Additionally, the Meta 3D TextureGen system can be used by the user individually as a text-to-texture generator. If the user provides the system with a text prompt along with a pre-generated 3D mesh detailing the texture they want on the 3D material, the system automatically starts the second step.

In an example shared by the company, a user prompts the AI ​​system to generate a T-rex wearing a green wool sweater, the system first creates a 3D visual for the T-rex and then the wool sweater. Adds structure and others. color details.

Meta 3D General (Source: Meta)

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