Microsoft is removing GPT Builder, also known as Copilot GPTs, from Copilot Pro. This move makes the $20 subscription less attractive. For those unfamiliar, people with a Copilot Pro subscription can create their own Copilot GPTs using documentation, external or internal sources and quick engineering.

Unlike the default Copilot experience, Copilot GPT is more personalized and advanced, and is one of ChatGPT’s standout features. First spotted by Windows Update, Microsoft confirmed it was removing Copilot GPTs on July 10. In an email sent to Copilot Pro subscribers, Microsoft confirmed that it is still committed to Copilot for users.

“We are writing to inform you of an important change coming to your Copilot Pro subscription,” Microsoft writes in an email to Copilot Pro subscribers. “We are committed to improving your Copilot Pro subscription and regularly evaluate how our subscribers use the features within Microsoft products,” the company added.

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Particularly interesting is that Copilot will still offer “GPTs” and GPT Builder to commercial and enterprise users.

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